Movie Review-Twins of Evil

Special Features-
THE FLESH AND THE FURY: X-POSING TWINS OF EVIL (84 min.) – Feature length documentary on the making of TWINS OF EVIL!
Motion Still Gallery (Blu-ray Exclusive)
Original Theatrical Trailer & TV Spots (Blu-ray Exclusive)
Motion Still Gallery (Blu-ray Exclusive)
Deleted Scene (Blu-ray Exclusive)
Isolated Music & Effects Track (Blu-ray Exclusive)

Twins of Evil is the latest blu ray release by Synapse Films. Synapse has been searching high and low for some of the most unique and sadly forgotten titles to give their touch to, and release them on blu ray combo packs. So far, the results are mostly very impressive at times some of the titles were not up to par but I was impressed nonetheless with the care that went into packaging and special features. This film follows two orphaned identical twins, Maria and Frieda they move to the village of Karnstein to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, a insane man and leader of a witch hunting group. Also in this cast of characters is the Count who is evil and is a Satanist and transforms into a vampire. This brings us to Frieda who is seeking a new life and falls under the spell of the Count, who also makes her into a vampire. Now, there is a problem she is trying to hide this from her sister and get away from her uncle.

This is my very first time to watch this film, and I was blown away right from the start of it. I had to do some research on the stars Mary and Madeline Collison who I found out were Playboy models early in their careers and also did a few small films before this. And it also costars the wonderful Peter Cushing as the uncle, who really is the star of this film. A lot of fans may know that name from Star Wars-A new hope. One of the best actors of his generation and time, every role including this one he has made his presence felt. Directed by John Hough who really has such a weird resume that this film almost seems like such an odd fit but works like the original Avengers show, Escape to Witch Mountain, and The Incubus for starters.

Peter Cushing as Gustav is very evil, almost as evil as the Count. Gustav and this “brotherhood” he has have a weird view on beliefs and they look for the attractive women in the village and burn them alive on the stake. But, he attacks the innocent because he cannot attack the true evil The Count. That is the one thing this film just does so perfectly, you truly do not know which man is more evil, especially with their actions. I love Hammer Films and know what to expect, you will get the colorful gore scenes, and they will be effectively well shot with the tense feel the scenes bring. While the script is not the greatest, the film delivers on all its promises by the time the credits roll.

The actors do a great job with what they are given, and considering this was the last film of the Collison twins, they picked a high note to end their career with. I will just say this film is a must see in blu ray. And the bonus features are incredible as well. The documentary did come across at times as dated, but I had to know all I could about why I did not see this film before tonight, and I found out.
Synapse hit a fucking grand slam with this release, if you are a Hammer fan, Horror fan, or just love seeing twins this film would be a great investment.

9 out of 10