Movie Review-The Three Stooges

Coming to blu ray and dvd this Tuesday

Plot-Their Orphanage owes 830,000 and will be closing in 30 days unless the boys can get the money to save it. So, the first time out of the orphanage, they are out to get the money and fumble into both a murder plot and reality tv.

Review-This film was directed by the Farrelly Brothers. I think when they put out There’s Something about Mary, it was both a positive and negative to their career. The positive, this film would allow them to get anything green lit and make money, the negative is the majority of stuff they have put out since Mary. That being said, growing up like most people I was a fan of the Little Rascals and also The Three Stooges. Both of my childhood memories that brought me happiness have had mixed feelings with Hollywood trying to modernize them and attract a new group of fans. As much as I hated that Little Rascals film, I really liked this. I won’t say I loved it, but I liked it. You have Curly walking around with a sandwich board saying “Will Wirk for 830000”. ( yes wirk) And of course all the mannerisms of the originals are there, from the eye gouging to the hair pulling and all the silly things they did to each other back in the day, and they even imitated the old sound effects.

The film’s downfall to me is when it tried so hard to modernize itself. Like, the creative minds thought that the guys alone could not draw a crowd. So, they have Jane Lynch playing one of the head nuns. I liked Jane Lynch in 40 year old Virgin, I think after that film she just became over-exposed. She seems to be in every film or tv show, getting less and less funny. Selling point number two, The Jersey Shore cast. And they are not in just a bit part; they have a chunk of the last 40 minutes of the film. To see Moe being a star on Jersey Shore, while it sounds silly on paper, actually was just so lame. I am like the millions other on this planet, I never watched the show and I do not consider them talented. My shock was why not just put Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber in here as well? Adele? At least when the Muppets did it, the actors did not try to overshadow the Muppets, they complemented them. In this film, you feel the Jersey Shore bits with those tools; they thought this was their film. Just pathetic, talk about a missed opportunity Snooki on the Muppet film would have been gold, she looks just like a certain muppet.

The film is broken down into chapters which come across as episodes. They have the guy’s faces on the screen and say starring in for each chapter/story. We go from their origins as little kids, to being adults still trying to get out of the orphanage and be adapted, to having to leave the orphanage for the big city to get the money to save it. Along the way, they get involved in a murder plot which leads to silly hi-jinx that was somewhat funny but some just overstayed their welcome. Like the scene where they are disguised as a doctor and two nurses, and have to change the diapers of all the babies. That scene seemed to last so long that it even had a music number. They are chasing each other around with babies who can piss and hit the other, like a pee gun I guess. Of course, with films like this all that is well that ends well. It is aimed for kids to turn them onto the legacy of The Three Stooges.

My other problem with this film, were the Farrelly Brothers at the end of the film and their public service announcement to children. I thought it killed the magic of what made the Stooges when I was a kid. That message is what parents are for. Like kids will watch The Three Stooges and try to chase someone with a sledgehammer. Have some respect for parenting; it is not your job to raise the youth. Where was that warning on Hall Pass or Something about Mary? I hate when people think they have to tell kids that things are not real, why kill their magic? That aside, this was an ok movie that had enough to recommend. But, there was so much in this film that was so eye rolling lame. But, I laughed a lot and parts of this film reminded me of my childhood and I had fun with the bulk of this film.

7 out of 10

  • Riley

    I think that in a time where movies such as ‘Jackass’ are hits, movies like Three Stooges are welcome comedies. I grew up watching these clowns throw each other around, and I always laughed. Many of my Dish coworkers who have seen the movie said that it wasn’t nearly as good as the original, but as with many current renditions, I’m not surprised. I guess I’m looking for a little reminder of them. I’ve added it to the top of my Blockbuster @Home queue, so I should be getting it soon. Nice review!