Movie Review-The Super

Plot-From the mad geniuses who just gave us The Turnpike Killer comes the film that started it all. The Super is about George Rossi who is a Vietnam Vet, who now is a Superintendent of an Apartment building in Queens. He seems normal on the outside but as this film gets going so does his sanity. Also, the tenants of his building seem to be walking all over him and when your tenants include Brandon Slagle in drag and your voice of reason is Manoush….

Review-These guys are either the most creative directors ever or the most disturbed; I am right now working on trying to figure this out. The Super and The Turnpike Killer, these films are just so non-apologetic violent soaked love letters. Their work so far comes across as a NYC answer to Ryan Nicholson’s early works like Gutterballs and Live Feed. Like Ryan, these guys give us characters that are on the surface one way then in a blink of an eye can go back and forth from sanity to just utter insanity with no problem. And even try to rationalize their insanity.

That is the one thing you really notice about the films these guys have done so far, they seem authentic, they are well written and the dialogue is not bubble gum horror or insulting to genre fans. The script in this film is just spot on, and so are the chracters. This film in the first half hour built a solid story and made up feel sorry for Rossi. And when he starts to turn, you understand why, but his mind set and things he starts to do, ummm are fucking mental. Which I will not spoil, but will say in advance there is some disturbing shit and just over the top violence, that will make you glad you did not see it coming.

I think Manoush is the 2012 indie horror “ it” woman. She just seems to create such a creepy feeling and tone with her presence on screen. You just know when you see her face and hear her voice, that some fucked up shit will go down. And kudos to the film for showing us what made her character Olga become the person she turned into which is also a mental basket case. Where most films would have not cared for such details and just wanted violence for violence sake, this film made each character stand out and the violence mean something, and gave each character a story and some time to shine on screen. When George flips, and Olga becomes almost like his guardian angel in crime, the film takes on a whole new meaning and the material that comes out of it is utterly a gore fan, a horror fan, hell anyone who wants some graphic violence’s fucking wet dream.

Brandon Slagle as a drag queen is utter gold. There is a scene later in the film with him and George and a female, that almost seemed like it was inspired by Seven. Lynn Lowry as George’s wife was such a perfect pick. She just comes across as the nagging wife that would make any sane man, crazy. She really had fun with the role and it showed. But, let’s be honest the true star of the film is Kallas playing George. And, he comes across as that nice person at first that you sort of keep an eye on just in case. But, when he gets mental is when the actor shines, he really creates a fear that you do not know what he is up to next, and yet you cannot look away and are so interested into what he will do. As bad and evil as he is, you have this character later in the film in the form of a detective named Sardusky, who almost makes George seem like a eagle scout with how fucking violent he is. Sardusky made the last half of this film so effective, and of course he has to be some kind of connection to Olga. Films like this are the reason why my family and friends always suggest therapy for me.

This film is not content with one little curve ball in the end, it throws you two. Both worked and are equally disturbing. This film and The Turnpike Killer, I have seen a new age in directors and talent. I do not know anyone who is into horror who would not pop on The Super and not have a great time with it. So buy this and The Turnpike Killer. There is this new wave of violent films that are really changing the playing field to film. Necronos, The Super and Turnpike Killer. You think you seen all that film and indie cinema has to offer? Those films and The Super in particularly tell us film is heading into familiar ground with unfamiliar material. This film is a must see, just to see how fucking insane this film gets. This film is the blue print of what is to come, and the good news..the future is right now.

9 out of 10