Movie Review-The Shadow Of Death

Plot- Debra along with her two friends Jamie and Nancy go to pick up Dan, so they can go score some weed from some guy deep in the English Countryside. Little do they know that this countryside has a killer who seems to resemble “the grim reaper” killing everyone who goes into the woods.

Review-Now before you think about that plot and think it is going to be like every other people stranded in the woods slasher film, you may want to see this film because while it is all that it has some little twists thrown in as well to make it a cut above your standard woods slasher film. The kills are there, and they are very well done especially for an indie feature like this. There are some very top notch kill scenes that really made this film so much fun. But, the true star of this film is the camera work. What he is able to capture in the look of this film is just amazing.

Gav, the director seems to have a keen eye as to what can make the shot mean more. The final twenty minutes of this film really impressed me, besides with what was going on with the characters and the story but how the picture looked and what he captured. The cinematography on this film is a 10. The story started off as your standard lost in the woods stoner slasher, but got a supernatural feel about it half way thru when they were in the cabin telling ghost stories that really was surprisingly well done and effective. The characters were well written, and very well acted for the most part. I was going to dismiss the ending of this film, when it was first going into the finale I was ready to roll my eyes and hate on it, but as smart as this whole film turned out to be the ending had a smartness to it as well, once all is said and done.

This film was so reminiscent of the 70’s not in a grindhouse exploitation way, but in a way like Last House on the Left or Just Before Dawn. In a simple way, where the horror speaks for itself and it is simple yet effective. While this film is not perfect, it is recommendable. What little flaws here and there this film does have, like times when the story does feel like it is dragging and some of the characters like the guy who thinks he is a police officer just seem out of place, it makes up for with what it delivers in terms of just horror fun. Not sure how to lump this film into any category it has all the elements of comedy, horror and ghost story so we will call it a must watch. I am dying to see what Gav Chuckie Steel does next. Not sure about release info, but this does have a facebook page as does the director. Give them a like and see how you can see this.

8 out of 10