Movie Review-The Return of the Living Dead : Limited Special Edition Steelbook [Blu-ray] Region B

Second Sight have done us horror fans a few solids. Beside this release they are going to give us The Basket Case Trilogy, and also some Re-animator love. After watching what they did with this blu ray I am so in. Keep in mind this is a region B blu ray so please before purchasing make sure your system can support it.

Plot-Quite frankly a zombie film all of us horror fans love very much. 2 Medical Supply employees let a deadly gas free in the air and turns people into zombies. Linnea Quigley does the dance that sent every horror hound into ecstasy land and some of the best lines ever in any horror film. I think I just reviewed the film for the most past as well in just the plot alone.

Special Features-A Cool case and 5 Hours of Bonus Features: More Brains! A Return To The Living Dead: The definitive 2 hour documentary featuring interviews with cast, writers, producers and many more, as well as previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage, storyboards, conceptual art, publicity materials and archival documents. More Brains! 2 hours of Killer Bonus Features: A conversation with Dan O’Bannon: The Final Interview. They Won’t Stay Dead: A look at Return Of The Living Dead Part II. Love Beyond The Grave: A look at Return Of The Living Dead III. Stacey Q Live :Exclusive ‘Tonight’ music video. Even More Brains: Deleted documentary interviews. Return of the Living Dead in 3 minutes. Resurrected Settings: The Filming Locations Today. The Origins of Return Of The Living Dead with John A. Russo. The FX Of The Living Dead with production designer William Stout and FX make-up artists William Munns and Tony Gardner. Party Time with music consultant Steve Pross and 45 Grave singer Dinah Cancer Original Soundtrack: PCM 2.0 Remixed Soundtrack PCM 2.0 Remixed Soundtrack: DTS 5.1 Digital Surround Exclusive to Bluray Steelbook – Ernie’s Notepad: a 20-page replica notebook by embalmer Ernie Kaltenbrunner, featuring production notes, casting.

Review-Steelbooks seems to be the new craze and I can see why, very impressed with what they sent me to review. I do not have the American blu ray release to compare this to, but I will assume that since this is selling like hot cakes, that this is a way better version. First off, for the documentary alone More Brains, which to me is 2011’s answer to Never Sleep Again if you do not own it yet this may be the must. What an amazing and very heartfelt thank you to the fans who have supported that film. The film itself is a classic. I remember when me and my little brother bought tickets to see something else, and snuck in to see this. I remember me and my brother walking out, and saying “zombies cannot talk”. “You see how fast they could walk/run and catch people”. This film threw some new concepts into the lumbering and at that time almost done to death zombie genre. If you are new to horror, and have some cash to spend this Steelbook edition is just such a must. Second Sight is all about giving you fans so much for your buck, and they put so much care and heart into their products and this is the proof. That is the biggest impression I got with this is that this company are fans of this stuff just like us and really want to make us all happy.

The film for anyone who has never witnessed this film is a must see at least once in your life. From how creepily amazing the zombies looked, they looked like the kind of zombies that would fuck you up without a care in the whole world, and they were so well done. The acting is fine, the script is a step above what any other zombie film before, during and after has offered. So many cool one liners like when the zombie gets on the radio and tells dispatch “bring more paramedics” Just classic. “I smell your brains”. Quigley making her star shine brighter than ever before, as some cross between some Blade Runner femme and the bastard sister of Wendy O and Dale from Missing Persons. The film and this steelbook are just flawless, and should be not only seen but owned. Linnea Quigley doing the dance on blu ray, it was awesome.

10 out of 10