Movie Review-The Haunting of Fox Hollow Farm

Plot-Billed as a paranormal documentary, in a 6 month period an investigation was taking place, which included filmmaker Dan T. Hall and six paranormal investigation teams, including psychics, a demonologist, EVP and visual specialists, they investigated an 18-acre estate in Westfield, Indiana known as Fox Hollow Farm. They went looking for Herb Baumeister who was the prime suspect in the disappearance and murder of a number of individuals from the Midwest. In 1996, alone, authorities recovered more than 5,000 human bone fragments on the property from as many as 17 victims. What will they find or discover?

Review-I will tell you what, if this film is out to scare the shit out of you. It worked on that level, if this film is out to say it is a true occurrence and this is 100 percent fact, I am not a believer. This film runs around 64 minute and the first twenty go from night vision to camcorder to camera in seconds, just trying to cover as much ground as possible. Which is the main downfall of the first half to me, it just went back to forth, to forth to back without really building any characters. But, in the last 30 minutes with all the lights shut off and to follow what happens, it is just pure brilliance. This film scared me to the point I had to turn the light on at one point, and I am not scared easily. When the victim’s voices start to be heard is when this film delivers on its promise. You are going to be creeped out and the best part is that the actors in the situations they are in are so believable that you and me would do and think the same stuff. The actors if they are actors all go by their real life names and claim to be this or that, but I still think they were actors playing a part.

This film does not dumb you down by giving you hokey ghosts or unbelievable attacks; it plays it smarts and makes it all seem so realistic. Dan Hall will sell me over and over that this is legit, but as scary and good as the stuff was towards the end, it just cannot be real. The only downfall to this very short film is the first half, which was so confusing and really trying to set up the second act, which was anything but confusing. The second act will make you believe in ghosts and spirits, if not just for that one moment. Obviously all people involved did their homework and made this film as authentic as they could.

This film is far from perfect, but for a lost footage found film genre fan, this film is not that bad. It does give you a creepy final 30 minutes that will put some fear into you, not a jump fear but a fear that this could be real and happening. It makes you question the existence of ghosts. As a whole, I had fun and enjoyed it enough to slightly recommend it. Some fucking scary moments in this film, that are not physical or gore, but mental and makes the hair on your arm stand up. I have to watch this film again, it cannot be real. No way.

7 out of 10

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  • JamesD

    This film for what you are into, is right up your alley. While not heavy on the horror, it is very heavy on the suspense…

  • You’ve officially sold me on this one sir!