Movie Review-The Bunny Game

Coming to dvd and blu ray on July 31st from Autonomy Pictures

The Bunny Game, I have never in my life seen a film with the responses this passionate and strong. Either people love it very much, and think it is a masterpiece or people truly hate it, and think it’s this or that. There is really no middle ground to this film and knowing Rehmeier the way I think I do, this film succeeded in what he wanted to create. Horror, in particularly the horror genre has become so complacent in the last few years and stale for fresh ideas or at least fresh approaches to films. For every one film that tries to create a change or at least a fresh take, the fans will ignore it in favor of the film at their multiplex with the number behind it. When, Henry-Portrait of a Serial Killer came out, I was in a crowd of people watching it, and most of them walked out and dismissed this film at the time as snuff and way too realistic. Us who stuck around and enjoyed it, are the ones who have ushered for so long a change in direction that films need to take. Well, The Bunny Game glorifies rape, is the main argument the haters say.

Well Titanic made 2 gazillion dollars and it exploited a tragedy that a lot of lives were lost, and tried to paint it as a love story. People did not seem to mind a film that can profit off the loss of others, but lord do not show us rape, we can take mass murder of innocent people instead. Passion of the Christ, families were taking their children in a film that was about brutality and violence, no one seemed to mind showing their 8 year old what a defenseless man being beaten to the point the skin was almost off his bones looked like. If you asked 9 out of 10 people why they hated the Crying Game, it would not be about the film itself or the acting; it would be that they had to see a penis on screen, while they are fully content with watching vagina galore became that is the norm. If you’re a horror fan and will rush and go see Scream 12 and can quote it after, this film may not be for you. If you are a horror fan that like me, when you see magazines, major sites and movie theaters promoting crap horror and telling you this is scary when you know it is just the same shit from last week, this film is a must watch.

I remember when I first got into horror sites and podcasts; I would hear the big boys month after month for a solid 2 years tell me how Paranormal Activity is going to be my pick as the greatest horror film ever. It was their number one film for 2 straight years. Eventually the film came out and we all got to see it, and their tune changed and it was back to over-hyping another film. The Bunny Game our tune has never changed since 2010, we have had this film in our top 10’s over and over and now we are stoked that you guys get to see what we bragged about and have an opinion on it. To me and a few other bloggers, The Bunny Game resembles fucking change, much needed change in the film industry. When you have countries start banning your film and a distributing company starts just to promote your film, you know that some people are ready for this change and others are not. Jennifer Jason Leigh was raped as a prostitute and got a Oscar nod for Last Exit To Brooklyn. Julia Roberts played a prostitute who tries to sleep with a rich man and make him love her, and all the little girls thought being a prostitute is glamorous. Now Rodleen Getsic plays a prostitute and tries to show you the reality of that life to scare girls into never wanting to even think twice about talking to strangers, and she is not acknowledged by female groups or other indie movie actresses? I am so confused and clueless about why the double standard these days, that if Hollywood does it people can accept it and embrace it, but if a young visionary does it DIY, everyone has some kind of soapbox and opinion to make. Rodleen Getsic in the Bunny Game seems to be more inspirational as a call to women, then a victim. You almost feel some religious overtone with the torture that Rodleen went thru this, so other women will not. But, indie films will call some girl who gets naked and avoids a chainsaw weilding pyscho revolutionary and ignore Rodleen? It is like all those fan boys who tell me days in and days out, how they hate these PG 13 horror film so much daily and then when it opens at the theater they are first in line to buy the ticket and get their soda and extra large overbuttered popcorn and hot dog. A raped prostitute is bad, but a boat tipping over and dumping hundreds into a icy cold sea to die while 2 Hollywood hopefuls try to sell a romance is a love story?

This is not only the fuck you that mainstream Hollywood have needed; it is the fuck you that this film industry has demanded. If you are going to give people an act, why not fully give them that act. The violence and brutality in this film are real and to hear Rodleen and Adam talk about during the commentary is more frightening than the acts themselves. These are two people who truly trusted each other and believed in each other, to deliver a film that could have people so overjoyed or upset and ready to voice an opinion either way. Name the last film you watched that fans, critics and magazines were so strongly on one side or another and very vocal almost to the point of confrontational? This is a reaction film, a film to scare the fucking shit out of you and entertain you at the same time. There are images in this film that will not go away when the credits hit, there are moments in this film that you are in fear of what can and will happen next. This film is best experienced with all the lights off, and a few bottles of meds and your shrink’s phone number on speed dial. I will say if you want horror to change and love art house DIY extreme films, this film could be your dream come true. If you are standing in line tomorrow for the first tickets to go see Scream 9 and will be on your cell blogging about it during the film, you may not be the fan for this film. The bloggers are telling you fans, horror needs to change, mainstream horror needs to accept films like The Bunny Game, and usher in a new era of how far film can go. Thank you Adam Rehmeier, Rodleen Getsic and Jeff Renfro for giving the bloggers our so called major film.

10 out of 10