Movie Review-Spirit Stalkers

Plot-The Spirit Stalkers is a reality show, that at one time was really doing well in the ratings. Rueben (played by director Steve Hudgins) who is the team leader, always has to explain at the end of each show that the paranormal entity was something else, that there are no such things as paranormal activities. Now, the tv show is dying in the ratings because of Rueben and his team not really finding ghosts. So, enter Gloria Talman (played by Steve’s partner in BBPP PJ Woodside) and her house is haunted and Spirit Stalkers may find out that ghosts do exist?

Review-Big Biting came on our radars around 2 years ago with a film called Hell is Full. This was their twist on the zombie film that had every critic praising them. In the two years since I watched Hell is Full, I have sat thru 4 other films that they put out, while they ok to fair, it just felt like they lost the magic they had with Hell is Full, till now. Spirit Stalkers is obviously their take on films like Paranormal Activity and other bump in the night ghost films, and you know what: for the most part it worked. The first half hour of this film does a ok job at setting up the situation the Spirit Stalkers show is in, and showing some of their past episodes. So we establish early that Rueben is out to just show people they have nothing to fear that this stuff is all explainable and we should not believe in such tomfoolery. They go to Martin Brody High School, which is an obvious nod to Jaws. It also builds up the Talman residence as being haunted and we get some little creepy moments here and there, to know that fate will bring both Gloria and Spirit Stalkers together.

The few issues I had in this film are not so much with the team itself, The Spirit Stalkers it is with some of the situations of this film. PJ’s character hears all these noises upstairs, and is freaking out. A minute later or less, she has no issues with her daughter going upstairs to hang out alone. Then during a scene with PJ, and her daughter and his bf, they invite half of the neighborhood in the house to bring alcohol and have a séance? Those little issues aside, the first hour was ok to mid. The last 40 minutes of this film showed balls,a lot of them. I think Hudgins and crew have heard the criticisms and wanted to show people that they have some tricks up their sleeves. “Try to be more cutting edge and pushing the envelope” remark that is made in the film showed that these guys read all their press. It is like the film is pointing right at the bloggers like me, and saying “why do we need to change who we are, we still put out good films”. And this is proof, I thought the ghost stuff in the film was well done, and some of the twists in the film were unique. This film truly shows that the guys have some tricks left up in the old Pig bag.

The script was not the smartest script but it was really fun, the acting for the most part was well done. The film is genuinely shut off your lights and have fun, bump in the night good time. I am not sure as I write this review what the agenda for BBPP films are, I am not sure if they are happy being weekend warriors who put out films they enjoy and give back to their community, or they are trying to be seen on a bigger scale and evolve? We are now 7 films in, and I want to see them succeed, but they really have to step outside of the comfort zone eventually. That opinion aside, this film shows that maybe they can still kick out decent films not changing, but I would love to see what they could put out when they do change……

8 out of 10