Movie Review-Shallow Creek Cult

Plot-In the latest found video footage film, two brothers Jesse and Getty Carmichael go to Shallow Creek, Louisiana to spread their grandfathers’ ashes all over the camp ground per his request. When they get there things are not what they appear to be as they stumble upon a cannibalistic cult. Now holed up in an empty house on the camp ground with cameras all over the place, they are hoping to survive this ordeal and not be next on the menu.

Review-This film seems to borrow a lot from Blair Witch, from the locals in the beginning to just the slow dragging pace to get anywhere with the film. Then, when holed up in the house, it seemed to borrow from Paranormal Activity. This film takes place around November 26, 2011 and explains to us that when their grandfather was alive he used to take the guys to Shallow Creek, so as a tribute to his memory they go to dump his ashes and the urn falls out of the hands. That scene was funny and for me if this film would have used more of that sense of humor,( even though I do not think it was intended to be funny) I felt the film would have been a way better experience. I won’t take away the heart behind the making of this film; you can tell these guys really want us to enjoy this adventure with them. It just seemed so much to ask, for the little cult stuff we did get.

At a running time of a few minutes over an hour, it did not overstay its welcome, and the last sequence was really again another highlight. That is the main gripe with this film, is that the pieces are greater than the whole. You get the two gentlemen looking at camera angles and tv sets for minutes upon minutes, and there is nothing going on with both the tv, or on the screen to keep our interest. I am interested in seeing what these guys can pull off with a bigger budget, and a fan-base who gives them the positives and negatives to this film. As far as first films, I have seen a lot worst, so that is always a sign that there is potential there. If you have seen all the other found footage films, you may as well see this one. They say it takes a lifetime to create your first film; well they did that so that is 90 percent of the battle won.

3 out of 10