Movie Review-Screaming in High Heels

Coming to home video August 28th

Plot-Screaming in High Heels is a 63 minute documentary that is a look back at the supposed rise and fall of the scream queen. This documentary focuses on the career of three women. Linnea Quigley, who rose to fame thru films like Return of the Living Dead, Michelle Bauer who was in The Tomb and Brinke Stevens from Slumber Party Massacre among many other works for the three. Also included in this documentary is the directors they worked with at one time during the direct to video film boom.

Review-Always with the problem with a project like this, you will not be everything to everyone. When watching this, it felt like reading the cliff notes to this era and time. They briefly touch on every subject, without going too deep or too long on any one topic. Which to me will be the true test to see who the audience for this film is? While fans like me, would want this documentary to at least go 2 hours and cover everything from top to bottom during each topic, this film seems to think fans have short attention spans and just go thru each topic without any feel of finality on the subject before going to the next. Like a run on sentence put on screen to just fill 63 minutes. Now, I am saying what they give you on this dvd is bad or even not recommended, I would recommend people who love this brand of horror to buy this dvd, but be warned when they seem to get a flow going in the topic and interesting, it just seems to go into the next topic. They start off with how each of the three ladies got their starts, and you hear from directors like Fred Olen Ray and etc that the ladies who worked with. They go over things from fast shoots that last only days, to how many films they had to kick out to keep supply and demand high. They worked almost nonstop for a period of a few years.

They also cover the death of the drive in theater and the video boom and how these films made such a killing on direct to video. Again, they tried to cram so much into 63 minutes and in the end as good as it was, it could have been so much better. Documentaries like More Brains and Never Sleep Again were proof that fans want to know all they can about their favorite films and chances are they probably want to know just as much about their favorite scream queens. This also has a segment that focuses on a few select fans who really did not add nothing to the section but they were harmless and took nothing away either.

In the end, I would say horror fans should watch it and they would probably enjoy it. I would wait on buying it to see if they are going to release a director’s cut of this eventually, there has to be stuff that is on a cutting room floor that was not thrown away.

8 out of 10