Movie Review-Schism

Plot-In Touch with your Insanity is the show, and host Linda (played by Lynn Lowry) has multiple personality disorder but tries to help listeners and viewers who call in as to how to live with their insanity. When these patients need help, Linda enlists Dr. Fuller who has some weird methods of trying to cure people.

Review-What an odd film, but also this film packs quite the punch and was extremely fun. The first few minutes of the film show the cameo by Lloyd Kaufman as some prank caller trying to talk dirty to Linda. You get the feeling from the opening credits that there is more to Linda than meets the eye. She seems normal enough, but as the film goes on she goes into different personalities and almost a slave to the Doctor who you know from the get go is no registered doctor. He injects her with this brainwashing drug that she is totally under his control. So when she starts suggesting to him her listeners, as you can guess he makes sure they are also injected and under his drugs as well.

We learn that Dr Fuller was at one time a respected doctor till he got into an experimental drug that would brainwash people and caused 5 deaths before he was wanted for murder. So this film does that very effectively is paint this guy as the worst kind of evil alive, from hypnotizing patients and having his way with them from sexual to them killing for him, it really worked. There is a little side story about one of the callers who thinks he is vampire, that gives this film many gore and blood moments but also its sense of dark humor. This film really delivers on so many levels, that to point out the few small negatives to this film almost seems I am nit picking.

There is a scene in this film when Lynn is on stage with one of her personalities signing in a club and the whole crowd is her callers that musical number was just so damn silly that you cannot help but watch their personalities and behavior during her performance and not know that the director had so much fun making this film as did his actors and actresses. The script for the most part, was the right amount of humor and just spot on a fresh breath of air for us fans. Lynn Lowry shows in this film she really is still making great films, and you can just see her costars in this film really complimenting her acting.

Schism felt so Hitchcockian to me. It was such a tense and effective thriller that had the right amount of blood and gore to keep a horror fan interested, but had a good plot and great characters that made suspense fans not feel unwelcome. When the credits roll, you know you just got off a rollercoaster ride that never let up to the credits. This film is just so odd, but yet felt familiar at times. I really had fun with this film, and I feel you guys will as well. Go lose your insanity.

8.5 out of 10