Movie Review-Nun of That

Plot-From the people who gave us The Disco Exorcist is this tale of a bad ass nun named Sister Kelly. She is not your usual nun, as she is violent and will kill if the situation calls for it, also she has a bad temper and cusses like a sailor. When she is forced to leave her church for her actions and transferred to a very bad church on the other side of town, she is shot down in an alley on her way there. Well, when she dies she comes into contact with Jesus who recruits her for The Order of the Black Habit, a group of nun assassins who are out to take down a very dangerous crime family.

Review-Richard Griffin has a heart and passion that cannot be denied, you watch this film and you just see a genius who is in love with indie and exploitation cinema. This film is a funny side to blasphemy, a side that is so outrageously insane that you cannot be offended by its portrayals of both the Catholic Church and Jesus. While the Disco Exorcist is rooted into 70’s disco, this film seems rooted in 80’s Troma. Besides the cameo by Lloyd himself, this film is just non apologetic Troma-esque joy, without being a Troma film. Sarah Nicklin carries the film as a vigilante Nun who really brings such a fun to her character. Whereas most actresses would have tried to make the character so over the top and everything has to be funny, Sarah plays her as almost a dark humored nod to exploitation women from the 70’s who just had that presence that you knew they were stars. Sarah Nicklin, just like her role in Disco Exorcist wows us each time with her devil may care approach to really making the characters believable and it seems to work for her. Almost like a female version of Frank Drebin from Police Squad in a way with just the comic timing of some of her situations and reactions.

Richard with the short list of films I have seen from him knows how to take a very low budget and make it really seem like a major film. What his films lack on budget they make up for with creativity and a well thought out script and very developed characters, that you are really not sure if you should be behind them or against them, but have fun with them anyway. In this film we have learned that the Catholic Church has been in a war with nuns helping them stop organized crime for about 1,500 years. This film from start to finish is just so insanely blasphemously hilarious. This could be a good double feature with Mel Brooks History of the World Part 1.

This film is a fun time, and if you have not seen this or Disco Exorcist rush out to see them, buy them. You would not be letdown.

8.5 out of 10