Movie Review-Midnight Son

Coming to dvd on July 17th

Jacob is a security guard, who seems to have a rare skin disorder that prevents him from being exposed to sunlight, and loves drinking blood. Things change in his life, when a chance encounter with Mary happens and he falls in love. Mary has a cocaine addiction and Jacob has vampire like symptoms, are these doomed lovers meant to be together? And what happens when the body count happens to start rising and a detective is asking questions and might be on the trail. Then add to this equation a crooked doctor who sells Jacob human blood. You have all the makings for a different kind of vampire film.

While they never use the word vampire, you kind of get the feeling that Jacob is one. I mean the people he attacks, also have the same skin disorder and have to avoid sunlight. I will say right now, I really enjoyed this sort of new spin on the vampire genre. While the box art is very misleading, the film is not and really delivers on what it promises. From the first few minutes of this film, you just know this film is trying to be something we are familiar with, but yet try to throw some originality in it as well. And it works, the characters of Mary and Jacob who seemed as doomed as Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen, are really well played and come across as sympathetic and you root for them.

If you watching this film for a blood bath, you do get good amounts of gore and blood, but this film is basically a doomed love story that sort of is not so doomed when you think about it. The romantic scenes with the two leads were awkward and really stood out, because they seemed genuine. This film did not try to be Twilight or Near Dark, it tried to be Midnight Son. When Jacob starts attacking other people is when the film gets very interesting, because now others have this skin disease as well. When the doctor becomes a vampire (?) is when the film really starts to shine, Jacob realizes where the blood is coming from that the doctor is selling him, and he becomes addicted to it. At first, when the movie begins Jacob is addicted to animal blood. He goes to the meat market and buys cups of animal blood, but then when that does not satisfy the craving he gradually picks up to human blood.

All in all, for what it was it was quite fun. It is an indie anti vampire film that is a vampire film? Confusing, but when you watch the film it will all make sense. I will say this is well worth a rental, and may even consider a buy. In the world of Twilight, and other vampire films that are geared towards younger audiences, it feels good to finally get a vampire love story that is geared towards someone outside the MTV generation. If I was to have any negatives, it would be the sub story about Jacob’s art and Mary wanting to sell it to an art dealer. The bonus features of the dvd have a scene that was cut, that made the film make sense to go in that direction, but if you are going to cut the scene that explains this connection and why the story headed that way, why not just cut the whole idea. Other than those 7 minutes, this film was really worth watching.

8 out of 10