Movie Review-Intruders

Coming to dvd and blu ray this Tuesday

Plot-This film revolves around 2 kids Mia and Juan from different countries who are both haunted by this shadow monster called Hollow Face that has no face and is searching for a face to take to call his own.

Review-From director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo who gave us 28 Weeks later and the upcoming Highlander reboot. This film never quite seems to know what it was trying to be. The first half of this film builds a ghost story; it tries to build on things we all feared as kids. We watch Juan go thru this ordeal with the Hollow Face and then thru narration of Mia we watch her also go thru a similar ordeal. The fears of what is in the closet to our nightmares are all explored. You know the first half hour of this film; I felt told a great story and built it up for the next hour. Or so I thought. After the first half hour is when the cracks started to show in this film. Of course, with Mia and Juan, only one other person witnesses this shadow monster, and everyone else thinks that the kid and the one parent are insane.

There is a scene where Hollow takes away Mia’s voice trying to steal her face, and people still do not believe this shadow monster exists? Of course, there will be priests and police putting their two cents in to this situation. There is a scene, where a religious man takes Juan and his mom to a church to show Juan is making it all up, that was really a decent enough scene. The film had a little bit going for it, but when the reveal happened. It lost all my attention and it really was so unexplainable and absurd that I wanted to just stop the film when they went that route. The ending to this film ruined the whole experience for me; it absolutely lost me and made zero sense. It makes the whole film seem unfathomable. And, sure enough it would over explain this direction to us, not once but twice. No wonder why this film just went in and out the theaters so fast.

I am a Clive Owen fan, and I think for this film he just called it in. He was not his normal self and it showed in this performance. The script and plot had so many holes and so much lack of direction; it just felt like this film was making itself. That each scene they wrote on the spot, and just went with the feel. The first half hour made some promises that the rest of the film could not even keep. This is what you follow 28 Weeks Later with, seriously? This is that project you worked on for 4 years? I think Clive Owen would have been better to find the script for Shoot ‘em up 2.

All in all, a letdown ending, a done to death premise with a cool little boogeyman shadow monster. So, if this sounds like your cup of tea look no further.

3 out of 10

  • JamesD

    Derrick, a lot of respect and love for what you bring to your site. If people read this, check out Derrick Carter aka Dead Derrick on facebook..great reviewer. This film, I know I am going to be in the minority, and people are going to tell me I overthought the ending. But, this film was a top priority and when I put the blu ray in, I wanted it to deliver. And, I followed the often confusing and over written script, and had to see how it would and could end. And, when that happens, I hated it so bad I wanted to throw both my blu ray and player out the window and follow it. I will say this right now, this is the absolute worst horror ending I have seen in a while. And for it to have a decent budget, director and talent…what a fucking letdown.

  • To be honest, I think you and me might be against each other on this one. I will probably pick the DVD up after my payday next week and cannot wait to do so. Everything I’ve seen and heard thus far makes it sound like the really divisive film. It sounds right up my alley and I can’t wait to see what else Millennium puts out (RED LIGHTS looks downright amazing). We’ll see soon enough if I have to return to this review with some disagreements.