Movie Review-I Spill your Guts

Coming to home video July 24th

Plot-From James Balsamo and Acid Bath Productions who gave us Hack Job last year. This is the story of two friends/soldiers Dennis and Joe, during a routine mission Dennis takes a bullet for Joe that hits him in the throat. When Dennis and Joe get home, Dennis awakens in the hospital to find out Joe lied about how things went down and was a hero. Now Dennis wants revenge on Joe, so he is out to kill everyone around him then get to him.

Review-I want to start this review with what I felt were the positives to this film. The kills, there are some very gruesome death scenes. Balsamo and crew did not skimp on the gore or death scenes. If this film has one sole reason for you to watch it, it is that there are very well shot and done death sequences that really showed that Acid Bath Productions are serious about horror. The casting choices, this film had so many cameos, that I felt they just made roles on the spot as each person agreed to it. You got wrestler Balls Mahoney, you got Mr Bricks, Lynn Lowry, The Troma guys and Andrew W.K. Yes, the man who had the party hit like forever ago and so many more castings.

Before I start with the negatives, I just think James Balsamo and Acid Bath Productions right now are trying to find their voice in horror. Their films feel like experiments, to see what works and not works. Where you can tell they used some of Hack Job’s ideas, this film tried some new things to try and establish a voice. Which leads to the negatives, I am a fan of metal music, and I thought Ghoul doing the song live was a good little intermission to the film, but all these films that have to play metal all thru the film, and I know so many do it, but it is starting to get annoying. To me, some of the death scenes would have been far more effective if they had a different mood or feel. Too many characters, to the point it was hard to keep track with who is who. Again, this is a young company and a very smart and creative director who is trying ideas and just hoping for the best.

This film for what it offered was fun and the kills were very graphic and well done. That is the main positive with this film and Hack Job, there is a disturbing violence that shadows the characters and really works. It is like they go for the fences with each kill to outdo the last one. And there is some top notch kills in this film that really delivers. The main character in this film is Billy Walsh playing Joe, who did an ok job. He really made you think he was a hero, and then made you want to see him get his. All in all, I thought it was better than Hack Job. This may not be the film to put them on the map, but it sure as hell a film that can get them some new fans.

7.5 out of 10