Movie Review-Horror Express

Plot-Horror Express is the latest in 70’s cult horror films that is finally making a debut on blu ray. Most of you probably were too young to see this in theaters in 1972 but I know most of you do remember when this first came on tv back in the late 70’s as a double feature right after the Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island) classic The Town that Dreaded Sundown. This film has been shown on a few Halloweens on certain networks, but finally it has the proper release on blu ray. Think of this film as a monster movie shot mostly on a train. This film features some of the biggest legends in film history like Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Kojak himself Telly Savalas. Lee and Cushing play rival anthropologists who are transporting a frozen being like some kind of missing link aboard the Trans-Siberian Express. As you can guess with films like this the prehistoric link or creature will eventually thaw and escape. And you can also guess there will be a lot of fun aboard this train.

Review-If you have any of the previous releases of this, throw them all away and grab this blu ray. Finally someone showed some much needed love and respect for this film. The transfer is amazing, and the high definition and high quality sound is just beyond words. Severin Films are another studio that takes these releases so serious and with so much love and care. David Gregory who is the CEO should be really proud of these releases; it is like a fan giving other fans something to rejoice over. This film even though it came out years before, could be a great starting film to watch Carpenter’s 1982 The Thing.

They explain to us this creature is millions of years old, and now is stored on a train. At first everything seems ok, but soon people seem to be getting weird, some have these odd redish eyes, and others start appearing dead with their eyes whited out. Around halfway into the film is when Telly Savalas comes on screen as Captain Kazan who brings his soldiers with him and then the action just kicks into gear to compliment the cheesy horror element. You get the feeling during scenes with the leads that they know this is b movie fun and cheese horror and they have a blast with the material and try not to take it too serious, and it works.

I love studios like Severin who have the fans in mind when they release all these classics and give them the right treatment. For all of you late night on Sunday ABC horror parental advisory film nights, this is such a memory that I had fun watching yet again. These are the films us old school fans can play for our kids, relatives and young ones and say, this is what fun horror is all about. God, this film is 40 years old. And it did not even seem dated at all. I love this stuff…

8.5 out of 10