Movie Review-Ground Zero

Coming to dvd August 14th

Plot-Darius Hendricks is this political activist who is on the brink of telling the nation something huge, about the US military that has been secretly developing a virus. This virus can be used in some biological warfare. When, Darius and his partner get a hold of a sample of it, instead of bringing it to the press, he decides to inject himself with it. Why, so he can show people a living example of the illegal military experiments going on. As you can guess before this discovery can go public, he is killed by some government assigned hit men. Now they have this mess to try and clean up and sweep under the rug. Enter the cleanup crew which consists of Jarius and his female partner Greer. When a mysterious man named Mr. Johnson offers them this job they have little or no care to worry about it, and just take it.

Well, we learn this will delay Jarius to see is lover, but he is being offered huge money and after all money to some is greater than love. They have to clean the scene of evidence or traces of anything that can be tracked back to the government and dispose of some dead bodies. And they soon find out, that if one of them is so called dead but has been exposed to this virus is the body really dead?


Looking at this art work and reading the quotes on the box, I was not stoked at all about this film at first. How many low budget zombie films have promised the world and only delivered the ashes of it? This film was enjoyable almost to the point I wanted to re-watch it with a friend, to turn them onto this as well. While not a perfect film, or movie of the year, it was not a bad indie zombie film and really delivered on great characters, and a chemistry that is so lost on indie horror films it seems. You could tell Greer had feelings and was hoping he would ditch his bitch girlfriend for her. The script in this film was so well thought out executed. These characters actually made you want to see this film, just to see how they would play out.

They are also joined later on by a male duo called Jeff and Ted; whole exchanges were so humor filled and film impressions that it was so over the top fun. This was just so cheese, that you are rolling your eyes one second and laughing the next. In the first part of the film these four hold it together till we get the zombie stuff. This is not a gore film, but it has enough blood to make you know it is a zombie film. This seemed like what the start of this epidemic could be like. You know with only four characters in a warehouse to clean up, you won’t get an all-out zombie kill film. And that worked for me; because what it offered I thought was fun enough to recommend. If you can get over the disbelief in the first five minutes how easily someone can break into this lab and get out easily with no guards and armed with a Bobbie pin looking pin-pick? Then, this film will be a good little watch.

7 out of 10