Movie Review-God Bless America

Coming to dvd and blu ray July 3rd

Plot-Meet Frank, he views America as a country that is spiraling downward. If being divorced and having a kid who seems to want nothing to do with him was not enough, he gets fired at work after 11 years for being nice to a female employee who takes his kindness the wrong way. Then, finds out he has a tumor. Well, after chickening out on suicide, he decides to become a vigilante for right, to rid this world of the people he views are making this society spiral downward. Well, after he kills his first person, he meets a young girl named Roxy who shares his vision and passion, and together they become a team to rid this world of irritating, idiotic and cruel people.

Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, and for the record before I start talking more, I am a fan of Bobcat, even his standup comedy back in the day. When he used to try and look like Bono from U2 (Joshua Tree era). This film started very well, the first hour was really well done. I loved the Falling Down feel of the character Frank. Bobcat did a great job at painting him as almost an anti-hero. The first hour Bobcat’s script was just spot on. I know I am not alone in my hatred of anything pop culture.

The message of this film is pretty clear, that no one really cares if they damage someone else or exploit someone for their own personal agenda. The breaking point to Frank’s behavior was watching the treatment of Steve Clark on American Superstars (which is a take on American Idol and Steve Clark supposedly is a take on the guy who did She Bang). Frank watches as the crowd and hosts just make fun of a mentally challenged guy on tv for their own gain, then how the media all decide to cover it. Well, while flipping channels he stumbles on Chloe. Chloe is a spoiled reality star rich girl that her claim to fame is yelling, and cussing on TV. Well, when he goes to kill Chloe he meets Roxy who is just as sick as he is at culture and what is popular. So, they go on a killing spree.

Where the first hour was so brilliantly written and very harsh in its realism about what is happening today. The last 44 minutes were a different story. It just seemed that the film started to lose steam and the actors were just going thru the motions. Where the opening part was cutting edge, the closing part was predictable and just flat. It felt like it was trying to cheapen the impact of the message, I mean you have a film that is being built around someone who is anti-conforming to pop culture, but he ends up becoming the exact thing he fought against. They attack people who talk in a movie theater, ok that was fun. But, they go ballistic on protestors, who whether you agree with their message or not, they are in the same boat you are in. They are fighting against what they hate in society. Then the ending when all you guessed would happen, does happen, it let me down. I loved Sleeping Dogs, I loved Greatest Dad, those were just classic and well written and gave some really cutting edge ideas to very odd premises. And this film is in the same boat sort of, you have someone who is anti-pop culture and he ends up conforming to what he hates.

All in all, this was a good enough movie to watch once. Not Bobcat’s best moment, but it had a strong first half that was really worth watching again.

7 out of 10