Movie Review-Get The Gringo

Plot-Mel Gibson plays a career criminal who is on the run from the law. During this pursuit he makes a jump to get across the border into Mexico and is nabbed by Mexican law authorities. Well, they find out he has 2 million dollars of stolen money and decide to steal it for them while they put him in this tough prison community. While inside Mel makes friends with a 9 year old kid and his mom, while trying to learn how to survive on the inside. While all this bonding is going on, there are some people who are looking for the money and also for Mel.

Review-Mel Gibson for his off camera behavior is such an easy target to attack. The truth is while I may not agree with his actions, his film Get the Gringo is definitely the best thing he has done in such a long time. This has the elements that we loved about Mel in Lethal Weapon. He has the wit, and also really can carry a film. The script of this film was really smart, and this film is very violent and very un-commercial. (Hence no wide release long stay at movie theaters) The first few minutes we learn that Mel and his partners are on the run, but we always get the feeling that the police are not the only ones after him, and they are not. He also has the ire of a business man that he took for 2 million that is out to send any thug or hit men to kill him. So they try to get over the border by jumping it in a car, well they get caught on the other side of the border with his partner now dead. The Mexican police take the money from Mel and keep it for themselves, and put Mel in prison. Well, a community that is like a large prison village.

The inside the prison first half hour stuff had a feel like the 3rd season of Prison Break, with Mel doing a commentary while we watch life around him. As he tries to fit in, he cannot shake his old habits and robs the other inmates. He friends a 9 year old boy that he finds out the warden is keeping alive to use his liver, when his liver gives out. So, Mel is no longer a loner and takes a liking to the kid, and of course you know the kid will have a mom, that will fall for Mel as well. So this film does not disappoint you on the obvious. What shocked me was how entertaining this film was and how all the characters in this film really shined. I was very letdown by The Beaver and all ready to write off Mel for good, and this film just shows me that Mel still can make good films.

This film is the ultimate get on the couch, pop some popcorn and get a beer and invite the guys, and gals over. This is a crowd film, that I think in a packed theater could be a blast. We all make mistakes in life, and Mel is human. Give the film a chance; you will really have fun with it. I think this is his best work since Lethal Weapon 3. Mel seems to shine in these kinds of violent dark humor films and this is no different. Get this gringo..

9 out of 10