Movie Review-Elevator

Coming to Home Video on August 21st

Plot-It is a normal dinner party for a normal Wall Street company. Until 9 people get into an elevator, and when the elevator stops around the 49th floor it is revealed that there is a bomb on the elevator set to go off in a little while. Can these people get over their personal differences to survive?

Review-This is what Devil should have been.
First and foremost, do not judge this film by its cover. This film is such a very intense thriller that is very smart and character driven, that you will not be letdown by watching it. This film builds up the tension as we see each of the 9 enter the elevator. And we know one of them has a bomb, but we do not know who it could be or why? And when we find out, talk about some great dialogue. What an emotional, sign of the times scene. That almost all of us could relate to. This film also has so much dark humor.

Like the building owner’s granddaughter who knows the comedian who is on the elevator is claustrophobic and she is teasing him by pretending to press the button to stop the elevator when no one is looking. And when she finally pushes it, the banter between the two is so insanely funny and cruel. You just watch this scene and feel for the guy. Also, because one of them could be a” terrorist” and the comedian is a jew, the racial jokes are pretty frequent, each one more uncomfortably funnier than the last. Also aboard is a news reporter, and her boyfriend who works for the company, and two of his fellow workers one is pregnant and one is a overweight nice guy who you can tell is a company man. Then, you have a elderly woman whose deceased husband had stock from the company. Then, Mohammed who is the security guard in the elevator with them, and of course the building owner and his 10 year old granddaughter.

This film was written so smartly. From someone peeing in the elevator to just how they handle the situation. This film just felt like what any of us would do in this situation. Do you get blood and gore? Yes there are some scenes that are unwatchable in a good way but overly done. Both I will not talk about, but I will say any gore hound or horror fan, will dig them very much. And, thank god this film did not cheapen what it created by making any twist endings or making any one of them some kind of superhero. But, the comedian had some of my favorite scenes in the film, like when he starts drinking, and the things that he says when he is done. And in one part, he declares if they go cannibal, he picks Marie the news reporter to eat first. And in front of her boyfriend, that statement comes out. And the pacing of this film, you feel like you are in the elevator with them and trying to solve the mystery.
I had a great time with this film, both the script and acting was top notch for such a small indie film. And I am dying to see how audiences will be when they get to see this. Be ready for some good times.

9 out of 10