Movie Review-Claustrofobia

How is this for a premise? The film opens with a young boy following a young girl into a mortuary. The girl tells the boy if he gets inside the freezer and locks himself in for 10 seconds she will kiss him. Well, the boy agrees and she leaves him there. Well, we fast forward to a few years later, and a young girl named Eva who moves into this apartment complex. Nothing to this point is really explained, but one night after having a drink with a friend and her neighbor she wakes up in this basement tied up.

I know what you are thinking after reading that description, trust me I thought the same as well. Not another torture abduction film that will have the same elements as the others before it did. And you know what; this film is basically the same elements we seen in so many other films, but the acting stood out in this because instead of going into a more torture feel of the film, it went more into a suspense feel. There are still gore moments and the same scenarios- she will escape, be captured again, escape be captured again and then explained to in full detail what is going on.

Where this film worked for me, it was not so obvious. This film put you into Eva’s plight, and her world. And when you think you really know this or that, the film throws some major curve balls that also seemed to work. This film was a cut above all the other captured, and abduction films because it gave you a character like Eva you could care about. And, it did not give you the bad guy till much later in the film, it made you think and gave you a million scenarios and set ups as to who it could be.

The negatives for me, was I felt towards the end it started to lose control and the film just threw out so many ideas to just say it used them. It was just too much. I felt like when the killer is exposed and decides to start killing others, it felt sort of desperate. To go from a Hitchcock vibe into an Eli Roth vibe in seconds was a letdown. Those gripes aside, this film was really not so bad, and should be watched. It was a very slow burn for the first half, and the second half just put the foot to the gas and tried to finish strong. Where the first half, it built the suspense, the second half just seemed to cheapen it and give you killings that really made no sense other than to do them, and just let the characters take a back seat to the blood. I have no issue with films taking this route, but why give us such a well written story and characters, if the goal is to abandoned them later and just make sure you fill your gore and killing hard on?

All in all, I had a good enough time with this film to give it an above average grade, but I just felt it should have been so much more than it was. And when it comes time to explain the beginning of the film, it just falls so short of what it could have been.

7 out of 10