Movie Review-Cherry Bomb

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Plot-Julin plays Cherry Bomb a stripper who gets more than she bargained for when she is left alone to entertain a group of guys in the Champaign room of the club. Well the guys take the fun too far and decide to beat her up and rape her. When she goes to the police for help, they claim she is making up the story. Well, she decides to go Charlie Bronson on them.

Review-This is another one of those throwbacks to the 80’s films. Julin is one of those rare actresses, when she tries to come across as sexy she fails, but she when does not try at all, she succeeds. Julin in this film feels forced, like she is trying to sell you more on her image than her acting. I know as do a lot of you, if you are going into this film for acting, or character development or even a billion dollar budget, you are an idiot. So throw those expectations out the window watching this film. You go into a film like this for the action, for the sleaze. While the action was a throwback to early Troma and their small budget quickies, the sleaze was nonexistent. She gets brutally beaten and raped by a bunch of guys, but all we actually see of the act is a flashback or two of her getting hit, just her face and a hand. The guys she seeks her revenge against, some of the kills were ok. Some were so over the top ridiculous that you just roll your eyes and accept it. Eventually these guys realize thay have to stop her, so they hire a hit man. His name is Bull, and I guess he is supposed to be a take on Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction. Bull in this film was another highlight, he was just the ultimate cheese b movie baddie. His actions and words, and writing in that diary was really a cool twist to this film. So you see so far we have a film about a stripper getting raped and the sleaze and nudity is almost nonexistant, but we have a cool hitman and decent troma low budget kills. A film like this, let’s be honest is aimed for a male demographic 18-34 who can care less about a script. So, why not give the demographic what they would care for, which is sleaze.

The acting in this film is so over the top and just laugh out loud funny, that it actually started working for me. The reveal towards the finale was just as ridiculous as the majority of this film was. Then, the one liners in this film like she is some Arnold Strippernagger, she is attacking a man with a nail gun, and saying “you been nailed”. Or when she stabs someone she says, “You had your cherry popped”. There is a scene in this film when she confronts one of the guys in front of his family with a gun, and he is crying and begging her and pleading his innocence, and she is arguing back with him, that scene right there watch it, and no matter what mood you are in before it starts, you will be laughing hard when it ends. That was just some of the so bad it is good acting. This film is awful, but I had fun with how bad it was.

This is one of those films you can turn the brain off, and just sit back and be utterly entertained by its cheese and just how awful this film is. This is 2012’s Birdemic. This has cult and camp written all over it. Julin is still the indie ” it” girl, and her fanbase will still kiss her ass after watching this. For a film I have had on my radar for almost 2 years, I expected this to be so much more.

7 out of 10