Movie Review-Butterfly Swords

Plot-Lady Ko is a loyalist who attempts to keep the King’s empire from being overthrown by a revolutionary group.

Review-This film originally came out in 1993 as Butterfly and Sword in 1993. Now, alot has changed since 1993 in terms of technology and entertainment but this film does not reflect those changes well. The biggest downfall to this film is not so much the material which will we talk about in a second, but, the transfer. The picture alone on a large television, (much less any other kind of television) is a crime. The sound quality was very poor, I know it was in subtitles but at least make the dialogue matter. The picture was a small box in the middle of a screen. It was not was enhanced for widescreen televisions, it looked proportioned for 1993 big box televisions. That is this film’s first big enemy; the second one is the film itself. This film is just confusing, and the dialogue going across the screen like short hand does not help the film, when you have to stop the film several times just to read the dialogue, and you are pretty fast reader you know there are issues. You truly did not know who was fighting for whom, and this film did not seem to mind you not knowing.

Now, do not think this whole film review is a negative, there are some very bloody and gory good scenes and the fights in this film were top notch and they were enough to at least say rent this film, and they just suffered by the shortcomings of the transfer. The actors for the most part played their roles very good and the love story in this film is believable enough that you will have an interest in it somewhat. To be fair, if you can adjust to the screen and the technical flaws, and keep up with the dialogue, the film is not that bad at all and almost very fun to watch, almost. While it seems at times the story and characters take a back seat to the carnage and the bodies sliced and diced, they did offer enough of some kind of order to the madness but it was so utterly confusing that you almost wish they would have thought out the plot a little bit more before presenting it, or maybe a written backstory to open the film. The film viewer is not the enemy, we are here to like and support your films, at least respect us enough to offer us some meat to the blood bath.

The Kung Fu in this film seemed wire and magic based more than realistic, so if you hate far-fetched concepts and need more reality based Kung Fu, this may not the movie for you. Michelle Yeoh, is awesome like always as the evil plotting Ko, and also it stars Donnie Yen and Tony Leung. So, it has the cast to pull off a good film, and this film was shades of brilliant, shades of blood and shades of just utterly confusing mess. I think if this was released on dvd at the same time as the Crouching Tiger buzz, it would have been a way bigger deal. Today, it just felt like an idea who was ill conceived and used smoke and mirrors (well in this case blood and violence) to hide its major flaws which was a confusing plot and just a film that just tried way too hard to be something it thought it had to be, instead of trying to be what it could have been. I would say if you have an 8 inch tv you may get the full effect of this film, but I would say for some of what it was offering, a rental would be fair.

5 out of 10