Movie Review-Bunnyman

Plot-This may be a new premise to some and done to death by the rest of us. A group of people are driving down a highway minding their own business until a dump truck starts to play a cat and mouse game with them on the road. So, the car the group is in breaks down and they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Without a cell phone amongst this group of 20 something’s they are now forced to walk thru the woods and roads to find help. Well, soon they find out who was driving that truck and he is a grown up man in a peter cottontail costume out to kill them all. It would have ruled if he said ” What up Doc”.

Review-I got an email a few weeks ago about doing advertising for Bunnyman 2, and I was like “ sure, but I have not even seen part one”. I should have posted the article and never asked for this film. My hope is that with part 2 they learned from this film. Where do we start with this mess of a film? The acting is so bad, that you almost want to mute the television. The plot is done to death, and makes you question every motive and move they make. You are telling me 6 people are traveling and no one has a cell phone? You are telling me someone who claims to a woman he knows everything about fixing a car cannot figure what is wrong with their car? You are telling me that to avoid hitting a truck, you go to the side of the road about 45 mph and your car will automatically stall? You are telling me 5 people cannot stop someone dressed in a bunny outfit? I know it is horror and I am supposed to sustain my disbelief but seriously how much do I have to? Then, a scene when one of the characters yells at the other to run for it, they will just sit around and wait to see what happens to the other before running, seriously?

And then the torture scene that was just obviously meant to be scary and effective and it came across looking ridiculous. The Bunny has someone captured and he has to display each device to them and show what they are meant for. What is he doing, selling Ginzu to them? This film was just bad, the first ten minutes of the film had absolutely no dialogue, you got to see beautiful women (well according to them in their commentary they are) being chased and one getting killed. The beginning of this film tried to sell this film as some 70’s film with the filmography and I sort of liked some the imagery it had. The ending credits had a little interesting premise as to telling us some kind of backstory. My problem is what happened after those ten minutes to the ending credits. This film is just inexcusable even for indie film. No film should be this fucking stupid and disrespect the horror fans this much. It almost bordered on bad parody. Who could be afraid of that Bunny costume, it looked utterly ridiculous and no offense, if one of those guys had common sense they would have tackled him. He was not that big or imposing which was another downfall to this film. If you are going to go this route make the killer scary as all fuck that you would not fuck with him. Not some briar rabbit that is as scary as a girlscout.

Just add a rabbit to Texas Chainsaw Massacre and this is Bunnyman, well he does use a chainsaw on some of the kills. This film had a lot of torture, blood and gore and not one moment in all that mess did feel inspired, it felt like they knew they had to do it, so they would copy all the other films that did it. The Bunny outfit was the only original or thought out thing about this film as a whole. And that is sad. Like I said earlier, I hope they learn their lesson with part 2 and it is a vast improvement. I won’t say this was a letdown, I went into this film not expect anything but I will say it was a waste of a hour and a half. This film should have never been made much less sold to the public.

0 out of 10