Movie Review-Booley

Coming to home video in October

Angus Booley is the equivalent to a grown up Waldo from the Van Halen videos. He has been picked on, and stepped on his whole life. Angus Booley who is played by Tom Detrik, does such a good job in the first half of creating a character we can sympathize with. At one time or another, we have all witnessed an Angus Booley. The first thirty minutes really piles on the drama to lead to his breaking point. We witness him lose his job, find out his wife is unfaithful to him, he gets picked on and witnesses his daughter Rose go thru the same ordeal at school of being picked on. And one night in the form of a infomercial he finds his savior, Jack Harrington.

Jack teaches him thru a dvd he buys that you can stand up for yourself. Somehow, Angus takes the message out of context and thinks of it as a voice telling him to avenge what has been to him by others. When Angus fails to provide a permit to buy a real gun, he is forced to buy a toy prop gun. At first, the toy gun seems to work to get people to be scared of him, but after a while, he decides to start killing those who wronged him by any means. With a cast that includes Raine Brown as the unfaithful wife Fiona, adult film star Gina Lynn playing a school bully and (Thomas Berdinski regular) Carmela Hayslett playing Angus’s daughter, you just know this is going to be a good time. This film though, is such a mixed bag of ideas that for the most part really seemed to work, from creating and building a sympathetic person in the first half to making his character so unlikable. Then, there is a scene where he has a dog mask on and has Gina Lynn tied up, I thought the dark tones of that scene with the music were really good.

I loved the dark tones and humor to this film. I thought Bonnie Loev as Detective Phelps who is on the case to apprehend him, was really the scene stealer to this film. Her humor was so dry and mannerisms were just so over the top, that she made sure you knew she was in every scene. Gina Lynn as a high school kid idea sounds like some guy who was trying to score a brownie point. She looks around 30. But, Gina was not the problem with this film. The negatives to me in this film are the script, while some of it was really dark humored and cynical fun; at times some of it was below average. Another negative was some of the pacing to the film, some scenes seem to go so fast and some scenes just went so slow, yet some scenes felt like they were in the wrong film. After the hour mark, it just seems like Grillo loses his focus at times. There is a scene that should have been cut out that just did not fit and ruined the flow of the film, that involved Rose the daughter trying to buy weed. Those negatives aside, this film for what the budget was, really delivered something that was not so bad.

This film is so odd at times that you have to see it to believe it. And kudos for letting Raine Brown just has fun with her role. Raine shows us that 100 Tears was no fluke, she really has fun in this film. All in all, this film was a fun journey into a man’s life who has been pushed too far and his dark side. Booley is a good film that will stick with you long after the credits end. See it.

7.5 out of 10