Movie Review-Best Laid Plans

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Plot-Danny is a thug; he owes money to the local crime boss. Well to pay off his debt, he gets his friend since childhood who has stuck with him Joseph to fight in underground cage fights. Joseph is a huge guy with a big heart but has the mental age of a 7 year old. Well as the fights go on, things change and Danny and Joseph meet the women of their lives, in almost an “Of Mice and Men” sort of story.

Review-I liked this film, but they crammed so much into an hour and 44 minutes that you almost wish the film was longer. From the character of Danny, you watch how he treats Joseph, and you feel for Joseph, and you despise Danny. So, to try and get him a love connection with a prostitute almost seemed fitting. But, to make the scenes and romance mean something was a shock, and for it to come across feeling genuine was a bigger one. Danny’s life is such a train wreck of crime, drugs and using anyone to get ahead that towards the end when they painted him as a sympathetic character, it was a risk and it paid off. For a film like this to work though, it takes more than one person. And Joseph, who is the giant man child, is the key to the whole film. The fight scenes were ridiculous and did not fit in the film; it was the romance between him and Isabel that really made this film work. There was such a joy/innocence to the romance scenes between the two. That to me just captured the magic of film, just to suck you in and manipulate your feelings to follow a story and get so involved.

Now back to the fight scenes, as slow paced as this film was in term of story and character development. The fight scenes were so fast and not even compelling, where you never felt you had to root for Joseph. becasue they were so un-meaningful. Until the last fight this was not so much the fight that sold it, but the situation before the fight that made it special. This film felt like if Snatch was inspired by Of Mice and Men. I liked the acting, and the scenes that did not involve the fighting. I did not mind the slow pacing of the film, and would have loved to see it go longer, maybe stretch the fights out more to make them more meaningful and get us to be involved in them.

All in all, well worth a rental and may even be worth shelling out some cash and buying it. Well Go USA is batting a thousand on some major films as of late. How this film did not get any oscar nods or a full run in the US, is sad.

8 out of 10