Movie Review-ATM

This film is being released rated and unrated. The following review is from the unrated director’s cut.

Coming to dvd and blu ray July 31st from IFC Films

Plot-After leaving a party held by their company, David sees his coworker he has been crushing on Emily outside trying to get a taxi cab with no luck, and offers her a ride home. Well, Corey who is David’s coworker is in for the ride when he has no ride as well. Well, Corey is hungry and wants to go to a pizza place for a slice that do not take credit cards so he has to get them to stop at a ATM. Well, Corey’s credit card seems to be messing up so David has to come inside to help him, soon Emily goes inside as well to see what is taking them so long. Well, while in there they see this hooded guy in the distance who kills a person in front of them, and makes it known that those 3 are next if they leave that ATM.

Review-This film could have been. That sums up my feelings. The film revolves around Corey, David and Emily. Who we watch in the first few minutes and learn they work for a financial company who ruined a few people’s Christmases by not managing their money correctly. So how can you root for them? So ok, we are supposed to forget all that. When David approaches Emily at the party it is the most awkward moments in this film, it just seemed he was more creepy than romantic. And, for her to be so anti-David at the party and warm up to him to trust him to take her home was just ridiculous. Then, they go an empty parking lot where the ATM is like a block away and park and walk. Who would not on a dark and winter night, not pull all the way up to the front of it at 12 am and that way you can go in and out so easy. So, now in the middle of winter they are trapped inside a ATM and do everything to try and get the cops to come from putting in wrong pin numbers to destroying cameras.

This film is just so unbelievable from trying to flood the ATM, to driving cars into the ATM and no one around hears any of this. This film had moments here and there that I sort of liked, but there was so much negative that those scenes or moments just seem so wasted on this film. This film has a good concept; you have a killer stalking people in an ATM, I mean on paper that seems like a film a horror fan would think, now that is oddly different. When you watch this film just blow opportunity after opportunity so many times, you just grow frustrated after a while. The last 10 minutes of this film were so bad and unforgiving that just felt like this film was incomplete. How can you have that little respect for people watching this film to see how it will end up, and give them that?

All in all, it had decent enough kills, and some of the concepts in this film were sort of cool, but the negatives in this film and that ending really make this such a letdown.

3 out of 10