Movie Review-4:44 Last Day on Earth

Plot-Tomorrow at 4:44 AM the world is going to come to an end. A couple decides to spend the last hours together holed up in their high rise and discovering more about each other. When you know you are going to die, and all your hope has left, this film tells you that love is so powerful.

Review-Starring William Dafoe and directed by Abel Ferrara, if anything sounds like a formula for a must see film it is right there. But, this film seemed such a step down after seeing Dafoe in Anti-Christ. And as cutting edge and unpredictable Abel is as a film director this film was anything but and just came across as a long hallmark ad. Ok, the ozone is gone and together we are all going to die, who thought up this concept? It’s stretching, and I know a zombie plague is not realistic but at least for that it is in a horror film where we expect to shut our brains off, but in a Abel Ferrara film we expect a sharp and fresh dialogue, cutting edge characters in well thought out scenes and dialogue. Now a film that gives us a premise that cannot even be remotely possible and then try to sell us that people will accept this fate the day it happens. Hell, in Dafoe’s area the traffic and pedestrians seem normal enough, stores and bars are open, you can order food over the phone. They all heard the news but there is never a real sense of impending doom. Most of this film is spent in one place and that being Dafoe and his gf’s place; they will use Skype, paint, and make love and show Dafoe pubic hair during a hand job, so why is life still going on as normal if it will die within hours?

Even on an art house level, this was not entertaining. We see Dafoe do this with Anti-Christ which at least had a better written script and had a great supporting actress to help him in Charlotte Gainsbourg. I won’t say it is unwatchable, because I know some people who may watch this and love it a lot. I will say with the talent pool and all that were involved in this film, I expected so much more. And if you tackle a subject like the end of days, keep in mind when you are working on it, fans will be hit with 40 to 50 movies a month with the same premise offering the same stuff. With the cast and director involved, I just thought this would be that one film that really goes beyond what we are used to. But, sadly it just was a total mess of a film that by the end of it, you were glad the credits rolled. Any excuse to turn it off at that point.

3 out of 10