Metal Review: The Dogs Divine – Size of the Fight

The Dogs Divine - Size of the FightChicago, Illinois natives The Dogs Divine are back with their edgy type of hard rock, and for me, this is my first go-round with them. I have actually been sitting on this album for a few months now because I was not sure what to do with it. At first, I was iffy on even reviewing it, but I realized that I really had to. It is a pretty good album.

Not sure if The Dogs Divine are bringing too much new to the table, but what they are bringing with Size of the Fight, is being brought the right way. It is hard to argue with the results that The Dogs Divine are getting with their most recent release.

From the outset of the album, with the anthemic Dogs, they are out to prove a point. I can see this song closing out their sets on most nights. It suits their name and their style. Moving on to songs like Overnight Sensation, they are just fun all out (balls out) rock. While they are heavier than most rock outfits out there today, they still bring the rock riff mentality to each song. Songs like Gypsy King are bluesy and are bleeding southern rock. They hit on a lot of bases with each song.

Vocalist Tom Hart brings the Phil Anselmo-style vocals to each tracks (and I am a huge fan of Phil). Guitarist Karl Von Heilman is a solid guitarist that has some funs with the riffs and leads on this one.

Keep in mind, that as with many rock acts, the lyrical content is not exactly groundbreaking, but I go into this release with all intentions of having fun and that is just what happens when I listen to Size of the Fight.

The Dogs Divine