Metal Review: Fisthammer – Devour All You See

Fisthammer - Devour All You SeeNow, this is an album that hit me completely by surprise. I am not sure exactly what I was expecting, but it was not what I got. Fisthammer brings us Devour All You See and I am hearing something a little out of the ordinary. See, they are a melodic death metal band, but they buck the trend a little here. While most melodic death metal bands put together melodic riffs over top of some quasi-death metal styled vocals, Fisthammer went about it in a different manner. What they actually did was split the melodic aspects of their music down the middle with some seriously technical death metal. The standard melodic death metal formula these days is to mix a little death metal with a lot of melodic. Some bands do it better than others, but most of the bands in this genre have little to do with death metal. Fisthammer seems to be all about the death metal.

With the opening riffs of Razorwaves, you hear what they are going for and I think that you will like it. And if you dig the opening track, you will really love Aten: Fear the Obliteration of Earth where all bets are off. It is a technical guitar player’s dream with some nice tecnicality going on along with a ton of great riffs.

Suffice it to say, that we are not hearing the most amazing thing ever laid down, but all the kudos in the world go out to Fisthammer with Devour All You See. They took that title literally and really are devouring everything in their path.

Devour All You See Track Listing:
01. Intro / The Final Hour of Darkness
02. Razor Waves
03. Aten: Fear the Obliteration Of Earth
04. Kull The Conqueror
05. Bullet Rape
06. Berzerkers
07. Doom of the Gods
08. Harvest
09. Zombocalypse
10. Cross the Lines in Blood
11. The Resurrection of Bastet the Devourer