Metal Review: Fester – A Celebration of Death

Fester - A Celebration of DeathFester may just be an acquired taste for some, but for me, they are pioneers in the blackened death metal subgenre of metal. Hard to believe that it has been 17 years since Fester has brought us new material, but after listening to their latest piece, A Celebration of Death, it seems like they never left. If rumors are correct, Fester called it quits after having received some less than friendly threats from the anti-death metal inner circle of bands during that time period.

Their old-school riffs and raspy vocals truly truly make for one of their darkest releases to date. Songs like March of Death and The Black Tower are errie and ominous. They take you on a journey into the deepest bowels of hell and you are a welcome participant in this journey. Fester has not lost their flair for doom-infused blackened death metal, and I am happy that they have not. It makes for a true “Celebration of Death” (pun intended).

Throughout the length of the album, we are treated to funeral-style riffs that the darkest of souls would truly welcome into their company. With riff after riff and melody-driven elements, you never tire of these tracks. If you missed the old Fester, then you would be glad to have them back.

A Celebration of Death Track Listing:
1. Rites Of Ceres
2. The Black Tower
3. March Of Death
4. I’ll Hunt You Down
5. Metalized
6. Jeg Spytter PÃ¥ Deg
7. Last Day Of Battle Pt. I
8. Last Day Of Battle Pt. II
9. A Face For A Funeral
10. Rites Of Mortiis (Rites Of Ceres Remix)