Metal Review: Erevos – Descensus Ad Inferos

Erevos - Descensus Ad InferosGreek band Erevos hits us with their debut release, Descensus Ad Inferos, and it is a nice change of pace from much of what I have heard this year. While they are a primarily black metal band, they do infuse elements of other genres of metal. In a lot of ways, they remind me of Cradle of Filth, but COF has not done anything for me in years.

With each passing track, Erevos explores various aspects of their sound and brings us a complete, solid piece of music with Descensus Ad Inferos. While it is by no means the album of the year, it is solid is most every way possible from extremely heavy riffwork to solid control over all of their instruments along with solid vocals.

Overall, I can recommend Descensus Ad Inferos as a solid new-age black metal release, but not for die-hards of that classic black metal sound that we all love.

Descensus Ad Inferos Track Listing:
1. Adou Katavasis
2. The Omnipotence of the Judges
3. Kires
4. Those Who Decide About Fate
5. Under the Wings of Thanatos
6. Possessed by the Moon (of the Underworld)
7. Erinyes
8. Kerveros
9. Grotesque Blasphemy (Slaughter Pt. 1)
10. Adou Anavasis (outro)