Metal Review: Dehuman – Black Throne of All Creation

Dehuman - Black Throne of All CreationBelguim death metal band Dehuman brings us their full-length debut, Black Throne of All Creation, and with it, we get a nice throwback death metal band taking influences from a lot of the 90’s death metal bands. Black Throne of All Creation is a well thought out piece from every angle. The songs are distinct and do bring a sense of who Dehuman really is and what they are saying with their music.

Song after song, we are treated to solid riffwork and very solid drumming. Not really sure how I am on the vocals yet, but they are not bad by any stretch of the imagination. My main concerns about this release though is its longevity as well as their choice in going with the classic death metal look and feel. I wish that they would have incorporated a little more progressive and forward-thinking into their music. Let’s face it, if I want to listen to classic death metal, I will pull out some Death or another similar classic death metal band.

Started in 2006 by a bunch of Belgian devoted to the cult early / mid 90’s Death Metal scene from the US and Western Europe, Dehuman proves with Black Throne of all Creation, their debut full-length, that quality songwriting is not a matter of age with plenty of catchy hooks in a very groovy and melodic yet dark and somehow evil Death Metal of their own, that worship is not a matter of ripping-off others’ work and trademark sound and that sounding old-school is not all about having a shitty sound like if your album has been produced twenty years ago.

Recorded at the Blackout studio (Enthroned, Resistance, Emptiness, Sol Invictus, Diapsiquir…), featuring artwork by W. H. Otto Dix, layout by Enthroned’s Oliver Lomer and logo by Christophe Szpajdel, Black Throne of all Creation is not only sounding really great and looking gorgeous, it’s also an addictive release sure to hook the listener upon the very first listen with such instant classics as “Black Mamba” or “Cast of Assassination.” Mixing a very personal sense of melody yet sounding “familiar” to the Death Metal worshipper, Black Throne of all Creation digs, listen after listen, a place of its very own in the memory and heart of the fan with all its finely crafted production and compositional details, giving its audience something fresh to discover with each listen.