Metal Review: Binah – Hallucinating in Resurrecture

Binah - Hallucinating in ResurrectureUK death metal trio Binah is coming at us with their debut release, Hallucinating in Resurrecture, in late June/early July on CD through Dark Descent Records and as a standard LP via Me Saco Un Ojo.

The album starts off innocently enough with the intro Into the Psychomanteum. Its haunting sounds attempts to get your ready for what is to come, but nothing can prepare you for the descent into hell you are about to take. From the opening chord of Morbid Obumbration, you realize a few things – that Binah has a sweet tone and that they are heavy as hell.

As Hallucinating in Resurrecture continues, you are treated to some nice death metal hitting on influences such as Autopsy and Morbid Angel among others. They give a nod to classic death metal bands and throw in some hooks of their own interspersed throughout the album.

The lead-off track, Morbid Obumbration, is an opus of sorts coming in at just over 7 minutes. It is riffer madness at its best. There are so many riffs throughout the track, but each one fits just as good as the last one. The song just works together as a whole. At no point do you ever feel like they are adding riffs for the sake of having a longer than normal song. Nothing is forced on the opening track, nor is it forced on any of the other tracks either.

The cover art for Hallucinating in Resurrecture was done by MMonsterbrush.

Binah Lineup:
Aort (Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Bass, Synths)
Ilia R.G. (Vocals, Lead Guitars, Synths)
A. Carrier (Drums)

Hallucinating in Resurrecture Track Listing:
Into the Psychomanteum (Intro)
Morbid Obumbration
A New Rotten Dawn
The Emissary
Absorption into the Unearthly
Eminence of the Sombre (Instrumental)
Hallucinating in Resurrecture
Crepuscular Transcendence
Buried Baptistry (Outro)