Metal Review – At Vance – Facing Your Enemy

At Vance - Facing Your EnemyIt is hard to believe that Germany’s At Vance is getting ready to release their ninth studio album without many people even knowing that they exist, but with the upcoming June 19th release of their latest effort, Facing Your Enemy, they will have 9 studio albums under their belt.

I have said it before that I am not really a power metal guy. That style pretty much passed me by. A lot of times, these bands are way over the top and have vocals that I cannot stand. That is not the case with At Vance. I have no issues with Rick Altzi’s voice and At Vance is not one of those over-the-top bands. Add to the mix that guitarist Olaf Lenk can simply play his ass off and you have a precent decent release.

I cannot wholeheartedly recommend Facing Your Enemy because I know that I will tire of it quickly, but for the most part, it is really pretty good. I think that power metal fans will really dig this one.

It’s clear that AT VANCE, the band led by master guitar magician and composer Olaf Lenk and fronted by the charismatic singer Rick Altzi, has once again gone beyond its calling and produced an extremely strong masterstroke with their new record, Facing Your Enemy – an album that possibly even eclipses great moments like The Evil In You or Only Human.

Set for North American release on June 19th, the ninth studio full-length from Germany’s neoclassical power metal masters AT VANCE, Facing Your Enemy boasts fifty minutes of some of the band’s finest material to date, soaring with epic songs and an professional recording fans have come to expect, all recorded and produced in the band’s own studio. The recording lineup for the album includes Casey Grill of Kamelot on drums, and is visually captured with cover art from Thomas Ewerhard (Avantasia, Edguy, etc.).

At Vance