KAIPA Set to Release New Album VITTJAR on August 28‏

The Swedish progressive folk-rock-fusion band KAIPA will be releasing their new album VITTJAR on August 28 via InsideOut Music. KAIPA’s unique sound is constantly evolving, and regardless of what direction it takes, it always carries a profound breath from the inner-most depths of the ancient Swedish primeval forest. This time around, KAIPA even uses the Swedish language in the title track to further express and stress these close bonds with their mother country.

While recording VITTJAR, each of the musicians recorded their parts separately using several different studios. As the voice of the band, Hans Lundin led the group in deciding how songs would be assembled, giving credence to the old-school belief that present day technology – no matter how useful it may be in the studio – is no substitute for experience. Lundin is as experienced as they come, having recorded his first single in 1965.

VITTJAR gives a new and true meaning to the “progressive” stamp and ultimately puts KAIPA outside the genre box. It’s a label that Lundin has lived with for years, and he sees no reason to fight it even as KAIPA’s music continues to evolve. “It doesn’t matter what we do, we’ll always be placed in progressive rock,” says Lundin. “When I’m writing songs I actually try to avoid a traditional way of writing and playing progressive rock, but at the same time those elements are a part of me and my history. So, I hope the result is something new and fresh. Of course, the special influence of Swedish folk music helps accomplish that, and I think it grows with every Kaipa album.”

Track Listing:

First Distraction

Lightblue and Green

Our Silent Ballroom Band



A Universe of Tinyness

The Crowned Hillsides

Second Distraktion

Line Up:

Hans Lundin: Electric and acoustic keyboards, vocals
Per Nilsson: Electric and acoustic guitars (Scar Symmetry)
Morgan Ã…gren: Drums (Mats & Morgan, Zappa)
Jonas Reingold: Electric basses (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic)
Patrik Lundström: Vocals (Ritual)
Aleena Gibson: Vocals

Special guests:
Fredrik Lindqvist: Recorders & whistles (Ritual)
Elin Rubinsztein: Violin

For more information on KAIPA, please visit:

www.myspace.com/kaipa www.facebook.com/Kaipa.music