I Am A Robot by The Dirty Panties Now Available! And What we thought of this debut record

Hey everyone!

Our new album, I Am A Robot, is NOW AVAILABLE in CD, USB and Artist Direct Digital Download formats. We’re thrilled that the release is finally here and we hope you’ll show your support buy picking up a copy.

The USB is very cool and has our entire album as well as the “Get Off Your Ass” video. If you buy one of the first 50 CDs from our store it will be signed by all of us.

We really hope you like the album and we hope to see you on our upcoming tour!


Moe, Animal, Melanie & Barb

Barbara Lenox-Guitars
Melanie Ash-Vox
Michelle Meyer-Bass
Kayley Malcolm-Drums

13 songs 30 minutes

Review-Talk about misleading, this cd kicks off with Confighted and you think that this is going to be like every other female punk outfit. And then came the kicker, this song takes a turn after a few seconds and almost sheds off the punk feel and go in a more rock direction with some direct lyrics that I think will surprise people who never heard this band before. One thing I learned from this song is that Melanie Ash speaks her mind pretty freely; that you know live this girl has to be fun. This has all the elements of a fun party record; you got the sing-a-long choruses and just an energy that is so contagious. Songs like Cheers and Wet, have the old school feel of The Donna’s before they sold out to the majors. There is no way you cannot listen to these songs and not be humming this chorus long after you shut off the cd. Melanie has some serious vocal talent that really shines track by track as do all the other girls they really make the instrument their own and it shows as The Dirty Panties try to give you a variety of different genres of music in this cd. To label this band as a punk band is very odd but yet seems fitting, considering that songs like Overt and I am a Robot, are so not what you expect from the moniker of punk, but somehow work their way into punk. That is what I really dug about this band and its sound, that it is so hard to call this band anything other than adventurous.

While songs like this or that sound like this or that, the cd as a whole is quite the musical journey. Songs like Undefeated are hard to classify by a genre name, because they seem to cover at least three genres in their approach and sound. This cd reminds me of the female version of Refused-The Shape of Punk to come. This cd gives you the female punk past and present, and represents it pretty well. But, surprising it also gives you female punk’s future. I will say right now, The Dirty Panties are going to be huge. This cd is the anti-to what Green Day sells you as their version of punk. They also do a cover song of Money (That’s what I want) and they make it their own. As a whole this cd is really such a fresh breath of air, as opposed to where female punk music has been in the last few years. And this awakens the time when bands like Sleater/Kinney, Le Tigre, Tracy and the Plastics and The Gossip were off to blaze the new trails for female music.

This cd is just a fun party record that really has some serious talent, and I am on the bandwagon. The Dirty Panties are 2012’s next big thing. Check them out…buy this cd

10 out of 10