Film Review-The Hike

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Plot-The Hike is a 7 minute short from Whitebowl Productions. The Hike is basically a man and woman going on a hike in the woods and finding out why in these days and times you do not go in the woods.

Review-Director Jennifer Campbell has issues. I did not see the last 3 minutes of this film happening the way it did. Kudos. The first thing right off the bat I noticed was what an eye for detail as a director she had. The camera angles alone make this short so worth watching, each shot seemed to mean something. When they unpack the truck, you can just tell that Jennifer wanted us to feel as if we are in that vehicle with them. The walk thru the woods was unique in the way it really felt like you were on the walk as well. This film put you in their shoes where what they saw you saw. When the woman discovers a tongue in the woods, yes a human tongue at that, the film really shows what Jennifer offers as a director. She created a creepiness and eerie feel that really made me so furious that the film ended in 7 minutes. That is my only negative with this film, is it too short. Also for a film like this you need characters who can sell the scenes, and the man and woman as they are billed in the credits, really did a fantastic job at making each minute matter. This film for the short time it played, gave the viewer so much in it’s time. Something so simple, yet effective.

We will call this the appetizer; I am dying to see what she has planned for the main course. Keep your eyes on this one; Jennifer will be on all your lips very soon. Awesome short….

10 out of 10