Movie Review-The Gruesome Death of Tommy Pistol

Currently available from Breaking Glass Pictures

Special Features-

• “Director’s commentary”— Aramis really shines on this track, made the film really seem like such a major deal. Though, there were a few silences here and there, that were more of a way to let a scene play out.

• “Behind The Scenes”—Utilizes backstage footage to offer a good insight into the world of low budget filmmaking. This featurette is especially is really cool because Aramis does not mince words and his attitude is basically love me or hate me, I can give a fuck. Great stuff…if you know Aramis on facebook, this would be a treat.
• “Interviews”—Aramis shined in his 10 minute interview, the rest seemed out of place and awkward.
• “Spacecamp”—A short film co-written by Sartorio and fellow adult film star, Joanna Angel. I think it was of Funny or Die, and it was a good little few minutes. A plus for all of you Aramis fans.
• “Sticker Robot…Zoltron is Watching You”—Another short and, was not as great as Spacecamp.
• “Welcome to Queens” features Tommy along with his comedy troupe in various sketches.
• “DJ Tommy Pistol” is a music video courtesy of Tommy Pistol and the Rappin Russian.
• “Acting Job” is another music video featuring heavy use of film footage.
• “Something with Balls” is a short trailer for the film soundtrack.
• “The Official Gruesome Death Drinking Game” provides the rules for the Tommy Pistol drinking game.
• “Behind the Scenes Slideshow” is a collection of pictures taken behind the scenes.
• “Amorea Slideshow” is a slideshow focusing on the band Amorea, who contributed to the film’s soundtrack.
• “Songs From the Da Motion Picture Soundtrack” offers up the entire soundtrack for your listening pleasure. Which is a really cool plus for all of you Tommy fans.

I am supposed to say Breaking Glass trailers last, but there was only one trailer..Summer of Massacre trailer.

It is hard to believe that this is the end result of a short film that was called “Attack of the staff spider “That this little short won “most disgusting film” at the Backseat Film Fest. Here we are June 2012, talking about this film.
I originally reviewed this film back in April of 2011, and since then I cannot get this film out of my head. Thank god this film has a distribution deal. I encourage anyone who is into horror, comedy, gross out gore films or just a film that is truly unique, to seek this film out. You will not be letdown. This is my review from last year, enjoy the upcoming release

I started talking to Aramis in September 2010, about this film and me begging him to see it and review it. I heard the buzz last summer, about this film he was a part of. I heard it was twisted, sick, funny and just over the top. Well, I am sad to say. This film delivered and boy did this film deliver. This is the story of Tommy Pistol, he is one of those California stories that exist but we never hear about. The hard luck story, that is about that one of the millions who have visions of stardom, and will never get there. We start the film off and see how irresponsible he truly is. He could not even make it on time to a reading for a role as an extra for 50.00 dollars a day. He goes to work, and is oblivious to everyone and everything. His attitude and lack of care, results in him losing job to job. Then, his wife with their child leaves him because he can’t seem to grow up and accept his life for what he has and make it work, instead of wanting to live this dream that he thinks he is going to be a star. Well, one night while watching porn masturbating with a penis pumper and microwaving a hotdog, he falls asleep to a wacked out world in which he is an actor, and goes thru the weirdest scenarios and meeting the weirdest characters.

This film reminded me of another film in ways-Alex Winter’s Freaked, because this film just had balls. It gave you an experience that is fucked up, disturbing, disgusting and just utterly absurd. There is a scene in this film where he kills Arnold Schwartznagger and wears his skin and goes on this spree. The scenario where he plays a porn director and is filming a scene, and his lead actress gets this spider bite. That is some of the sickest shit I have seen in any film this year. (God, I use that sentence a lot) This film is what Cabin Fever 2 should have been. Each dream scenario is worse than the one before it. Esp. when he is starring in a film and it involves a cheese grater, and a female. That scene was disturbing. But the one right after with the next actress was even worst. This film could never pass the MPAA for a R Rating, hell it probably would get some of them arrested. The first 30 minutes is more humor based, and while some of the scenes and jokes were decent. Some of it just felt like it was trying too hard. But, the next hour made up for whatever the first 30 minutes lacked. For me, some of the dialogue and scenes in the first half, sort of dragged and until the 30 minute mark I had no idea what this film would be about. When this film ended, I was a fan. This film is a tough sell; I am not sure who to recommend this film to. Comedy fans will love some of the humor. Blood and gore fans you get your share, but the scenes are so far away from each other. Until the last 15 minutes then it just was an out of control gross out moment after gross out moment that basically said, “If this one did not freak you out, what about this one or that one, we are going to get you”. Aramis delivered. What a fun film…. Fans, seek this film out.

9 out of 10