Queensrÿche Splits With Singer Geoff Tate

QueensrÿcheAccording to Billboard.com, Queensrÿche and singer Geoff Tate have parted company over “creative differences.” Crimson Glory vocalist Todd La Torre has been tapped to replace Tate.

Any way you slice it, this is just an odd situation. I know that there have been rumors running rampant for a while about a lot of tension between the band and Tate, and I guess that it was bound to happen at some point in time, but you pretty much expected them to get through it.

Let’s face it, Queensrÿche has not been relevant in many years. They are a shell of their former selves and Tate is pretty much a joke any more. His voice is gone and he is just downright weird these days. With each year that passes, he gets more strange. Just a few weeks ago, at a performance at Rocklahoma 2012, Tate told the band that “they suck” and he was not saying it as a joke. He was dead serious mentioning that he realized that it was Sunday, but the crowd was just bad.

Well Geoff, have you thought that their reaction is just a reflection of you having no passion when you sing the songs?

Regardless of all of this mess, what I do hope comes out of it is that Queensrÿche regains their edge and starts to make heavy music again.


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  • JamesD

    Queensryche is a band that I had many discussions with many fans about. ( including the gentleman who made this post) Another band I grew up on me, that seems to be breaking in two. I know Geoff’s daughter has been the most vocal out of the Tate camp. I think her tweets had more to do with this split than Geoff. I will say on record, when Degarmo quit this band just seemed never to rebound from it. They had a decent song here and there, but as far as full cds..I cannot name the last Queensryche cd after Empire that I could listen to all the way thru and say, this rules or is a good cd. Geoff always wanted to go solo and be the next Steve Perry..well he may have a good shot at that. When has Steve Perry did anything as of late worth talking about since Oh Sherrie….