Part 2-My Top Ten Queensryche songs

Mike inspired this idea. Like Mike, I am also a big Queensryche fan. When I first heard the news of Geoff and Queensryche going separate ways, I was happy. To me, without Degarmo writing and playing guitar it is not the true Queensryche. To come up with a top ten songs is harder than one would think. But, I will give it a shot. There will be a few ties…

10.Gonna Get Close to You ( off Rage for Order)-I remember seeing this video debut on Headbangers Ball and knowing that I had to have this cd. Talk about a song that just does not fall into one genre of music. Is this metal? Is this alternative? From Geoff’s vocals to Scott’s drumming to Degarmo’s guitar sound. This song is the blue print as to what the “classic” Queensryche sound would be.

9. Hand on Heart (off Empire)-I am going to get so much shit for this one. I know it is too poppy for them, and it is a sellout song. But, I am just a fan of this song and it is my damn list.

8. Chemical Youth (We are Rebellion)( off Rage for Order)-Did anyone see this as the future of the Queensryche sound? Who would have guessed this song would play so heavily into the concept of Operation:Mindcrime. This sort of showed waves of the political message they would be singing about heavily upcoming,

7.Hit the Black(off Hear in the Now Frontier)-This is the last song they ever did, I was a fan of. You can tell Geoff and the boys tried to recapture the magic of early Queensryche with this cd, but this one song was the only highlight for me. This to me was the sign that this band still had the chops and Geoff still had the vocals to get a good cd out, too bad they did not do it.

6. ( tie) I am I and Damaged( off Promised Land)-Another bad Queensryche cd. And I know this cd has a lot of fans, but seriously how can you defend how dull and boring this cd is. The first two songs off this cd just set such a monster pace that you had to know this cd would not live up to what it was promised to. I blame Silent Lucidity for this direction that the band would forgo and keep on going.

5. The Thin Line( off Empire)-I am with Lonn Friend on this song. I love the vocals; Geoff shows off his range and just makes the most noncommercial/commercial Queensryche song. Degarmo playing such a killer riff that just fits Geoff’s vocals, this could be Gonna Get Close to you part 2. Come on lyrics like “screams of entry blur my vision”, genius.

4. ( tie) Eyes of a Stranger and Empire( off Operation:Mindcrime and Empire)-Eyes of a Stranger is such a pivotal song for this band. The Operation cd was out for a year and the label was frustrated that the band did not catch on and just threw out this video that the band presented to them, and were told they would be dropped from the label. Well, the video took off so much so, Queensryche would sign a new deal and the cd got a life out of this break.
Empire to me is a sign of the times for this band, where they were at and where they were heading towards. This song had the political message we were getting so used to hearing but it also had a very top 40 radio feel that we were not so used to hearing that would cement the band on MTV in rotation for quite a while.

3. Surgical Strike (off Rage for Order)-Degarmo’s vision for Queensryche was so apparent with this song. You have the classic Geoff vocal display with the heavy and melodic sound. That if you saw Queensryche play with Metallica and saw they did this song, you would be a fan. This song just fits in metal.

2. Screaming in Digital (off Rage for Order)-This was hard between this and my number one. Live, this is their finest moment. In 1986, this song sounded like noises from the future, it talked about a future that no one could foresee that today we live in. This is what makes Rage for Order such a great classic cd. How can any Queensryche fan not love this song?

1. Retail Therapy(off Dedicated to Chaos)..I am joking of course

1. Revolution Calling( off Operation:Mindcrime)-I will put this up there with Teen Spirit as the one song that completely caught me by surprise and made me a bigger fan than I was. Listen to the lyrics, Degarmo hit the nail right on the head with this song. Get head bangers more involved in politics but make the preaching in the context of lyrics. The lyrics are among the best they ever written and for Queensryche this is their Stairway to Heaven. You hear the intro about Anarchy X and I remember now, and you are getting into this political religious soap opera and then all of a sudden this is what just jumps out. Classic. There will never be another concept cd that can match this experience.