Music Review-White Widow-A Psychological Thriller

This is the fourth cd from Carla Patullo aka White Widow. This cd sounds like Clare Quilty if they were inspired by The Breeders. And dare I say, like a Pat Benatar going angst in indie alternative music. This cd is a score to an animated film by some Brooklyn artists. But fear not if you have not seen the film, this cd still works. Patullo from the album credits does almost all the instruments herself with vocal duties. And she has created a very fun and memorable half hour of music, with added sound bites like walking and rain, and a phone ringing to the background of a cello during the call. A song like Promises sounds like if Kate Bush fronted Rasputina. Serial Love Affair comes across like if Veruca Salt went unplugged with a piano instead of a guitar. Serial Love Affair is just the perfect alternative hit single. Almost like Belly or Rainer Maria in just terms of a simple beauty with the most common of talents, vocal delivery. Lyric wise this reminds me of a band that came out in the 90’s called The Missing, where the lyrics take a much deeper meaning from the vocal delivery and just the raw emotion that comes across. Carla used this cd as a platform, a stage if you will, to show off her singing and passion and in that capacity this cd really works better than most female artists that have been on radio as of late. This is just true talent that shines song to song, as almost a reminder of female musicians past and present.

If I had to sum up this musical experience in one word, refreshing. I like honest music that is not so pop inspired and homogenized to fit a scene, and this cd is almost like the anti-pop cd with pop in it. If that makes any sense, it is like a pop record that is not a pop record. Kate Bush would be proud, and in the month of new releases from Fiona Apple, and Metric, this is another female who I feel offers just as much as they do and should be heard. Now I am dying to hear the other 3 cds and see if they match up to this one. White Widow is a band that should be making waves hopefully now.

8 out of 10