Music Review-Vampires Everywhere!-HELLBOUND AND HEARTLESS

Members Michael Vampire – Vocals
Aaron Graves – Guitar
DJ Black – Guitar

1. I
2. I Can’t Breathe
3. Beauty Queen
4. Drug Of Choice
5. II
6. Star Of 666
7. Kiss Of Death
8. Rape Me (Nirvana cover)
9. Plastic
10. III
11. Unholy Eyes
12. Social Suicide
13. IV
14. Anti Hate
15. Hell On Earth
16. My Blood Is Yours (Amanda’s Song)

Review-This cd comes off as Orgy meets Marilyn Manson’s Smells like Children meets Tim Skold with Wednesday 13 thrown in. First off, their cover of Rape Me by Nirvana was a horrible idea, the worst cover song I ever heard. I guess this was their Sweet Dreams for the cd, to be like their heroes Manson. What a bad cover choice and career move. This whole cd is so desperate, it just seems like the band is trying to find an identity in ripping off their inspirations. This song comes across as Manson, then the next one will come across as Orgy, then they will sound like this and that. There are a few songs on here I sort of got into, like Beauty Queen and Plastic. But, let it be noted that one sounds like Wormboy and the other sounds like Cake and Sodomy. For you people who hated Mechanical Animals, and wanted something heavier after Antichrist, may like this cd a lot more than I did. It is obvious these guys are trying to find a niche, after their debut cd which was far superior but did not make a dent for them, they lost members and got new members and decided to try a new direction and sound. This is supposed to be shock rock, I am just shocked that this band is not sued yet by any of the above mentioned. This cd is not inspired by, it is blatantly ripped off of.

This is where music seems to be heading these days, originality is ignored and people want similar. Look at what is on the top of the charts right now; you see Overkill or PJ Harvey in the top ten? You see bands that were inspired by, or direct copies of something people are familiar with. Hey Pearl Jam, is not putting out new music, let us like Nickleback, Creed and Three Doors Down instead. Orgy and Manson are not what they once were, but this band sounds just like that era. I think bands like this with sounds like this are going to be unfairly lumped and categorized for this blatant rip off of what they were fans of, that when they decide to do another cd like their debut was, they will never be taken serious. The cd has moments here and there, but my advice is sought out the originals.

3 out of 10