Music Review- Spineshank-Anger Denial Acceptance

Track Listings
1. After The End
2. Nothing Left For Me
3. Anger Denial Acceptance
4. I Want You To Know
5. Murder-Suicide
6. I Am Damage
7. The Endless Disconnect
8. Ploratio Morbus
9. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends
10. The Reckoning
11. God Complex (Anger)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)
13. Exit Wound (Acceptance)

Jonny Santos
Mike Sarkisyan
Robert Garcia
Tommy Decker

History-Formed in 1996, their debut cd came out in 1998 with help from Dino of FF getting them signed to Roadrunner Records. Strictly Diesel was the debut which a lot of people called a combination of Nu Metal and lame FF riffs, well it did not help the case that Burton handled vocals on a song, and Dino had his hands all over the production. Having seen them live during this time, I was one of the fans who wrote them off as some label hype wanna be’s. Then, the weirdest thing happened they broke away from the FF grasp and decided to change their whole sound. In 2000, they released a cd called The Height of Callousness and with songs like (Can’t be) Fixed, New Disease and Asthmatic, they made one of the best cds of 2000. In 2003, they released their 3rd cd which would prove to be their most successful in terms of Grammy nominations and sales and that was Self-Destructive Pattern. Then around 2004 was word that Jonny Santos has left the band to pursuit a heavier less commercial band called Silent Civilian, who would release two cds that would go on silent ears. And the band would try out a new singer and work on some demos that never saw the light of day. So now after a 9 year rest is the return of Spineshank now on Century Media records.

Review-Spineshank is one of those bands that have made a career on progression. The new cd seems like it wanted to go backwards and not forward so much with the sound. You still got the energy and power songs like I Am Damage and After the End which sound like classic Height of Callousness Spineshank. And songs like the title track and Murder Suicide which sound like they came off the more commercial sounding Self-Destructive Pattern. Songs like I want you to know, The Reckoning, The Endless Disconnect sound like songs that Santos quit Spineshank over, they are so slow and so blatantly commercial that you can tell they were trying to fit in a Taproot/Linkin Park groove and demographic. Then the ending track which I am not a fan of called Exit Wound, and if this the sign of where they are heading, there will be a lot of upset fans. What a lame way to end a cd that was so high on a lot of people’s expectations for 2012. What a bullshit move. Santos, you have said so many times that if you went back to Spineshank it would never go back to the commerical sound, bullshit. This cd sounds like it was tailor made for that tour with Nickleback and Godsmack.

I guess if this cd was released say 2006 or 2007, may have been a bigger deal and not such a letdown or disappointment. But, come on in 2012 Spineshank are one of those bands that have gone forgotten beside its core fan base that were sick of waiting around, and the proof would be how warmly Silent Civilian was received, and how the fan base was basically silent on news that they got a new lead singer in 2005 to put out a new cd. If this cd would have seen the light of day it would have been just as warmly received as the Silent Civilian cds. I understand Santos thinking, Spineshank was on a career high and he wanted to test the waters and get this inner thrash metal voice out, but this cd should have come out in 2005, not 2012. This is not a return cd, this is a selling out to modern radio cd.

Fans of Spineshank like me who were expecting a classic new album full of growth and progression will be seriously letdown. This is not a bad cd, it has a few really good songs like I am Damage, and After the End which just jump out at you. It just is not what you would expect from a band that left the scene on such a high note to return with.

This sucks because I am a huge Spineshank fan, and was so looking forward to this cd. It is just a lazy retread of a band that once was. If you are a fan of Spineshank, be worried. Maybe, Santos will make a 3rd silent Civilian cd and we can get some more of that inner voice. I wish this voice was silent.

5 out of 10

And that was being far too kind, this cd is such a letdown for me personally but I think maybe over time a few other songs on this cd may catch on to me. But, who knows after a few more listens I may warm up to it. But, after 3 listens I am not sure.