Music Review-Kill Devil Hill

History-Kill Devil Hill is the latest metal super-group formed by Rex Brown ( ex Pantera and Down) and Vinny Appice ( ex Dio and Black Sabbath). Along with ex Pissing Razors vocalist Jason Bragg and ex W.A.S.P. guitarist Mark Zavon this band was formed in 2011.

Review-I admit I was never a fan of Pissing Razors, I thought they sounded like every other band at that time. Nothing really made them stand out or special to me. Now, that being said I really dig this cd and was pleasantly surprised by how different it was from what I was expecting. Look at the line-up and tell me what you are expecting to hear? If you are fans of bands like Alice in Chains, Union Underground, Full Devil Jacket and of course Hell Yeah, this cd seems to fit in that mold. Now, you are thinking you got Rex Brown and Vinny on this cd, and they are going to dominate all the songs and the funny part, this cd is more of a showcase with how much faith they have in Bragg and his vocals. War Machine which opens the song is almost like a buffet as to what the rest of this cd will offer. From the grunge crunch, to the muddy pop sound, this cd is so catchy that you will just be drawn into it. And you can hear Vinny just kill the drums as he was summoning back the Holy Diver era again. Hangman is such a strong modern rock song that it should be on every playlist. Such a catchy guitar and drum sound, that a lesser singer would have ruined the song. Jason Bragg on this cd makes me want to go back and listen to Pissing Razors again. Songs like Strange among others, show just how talented these musicians are.

The negatives: This cd while very good, each song from first to around the 5th one seemed to sound like the last song. While not a real bad thing, I just thought with the talent pool involved they would have wanted to spread their wings just a little bit. Now that being said song 7, Time after Time again started out with a cool little Sabbath riff that I thought many fans will dig a lot. I like this band a lot better than Stone Sour, and the latest Hell Yeah. So this is a super group who can deliver, just I wish they would have been more diverse and maybe a little less safe with this cd. But, it still is recommended and may be one of the best surprises of the year.

7.5 out of 10