Music Review-Jim Coleman-Trees

01 Sideways
02 Under Current
03 Summer Heat
04 Live Out
05Another Place
06 Tracks
07 Dawn
08 Override
09 Closing
10 Rain

History-Remember a band called Cop Shoot Cop, they were an industrial band that had a modest hit with Surprise Surprise on modern college radio. They were the Rage Against the Machine inspiration back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Strapping Young Lad on City covered their song Room 429 on City. They were on Interscope Records and primed to be the next big thing. Jim was the keyboardist and did samples for the band and also has released several other projects like Cripple Jim when he toured on crutches and a wheelchair because he had at the time a broken leg. And Filer, Here among many other projects.

Review-I loved Cop Shoot Cop and I think their cd Ask Questions Later is one of the most underrated Industrial cds ever put out. That being said, this cd is a shock. No one who is a fan of Jim’s can see this one coming. The first thing that comes to mind is some neoclassical ambient and Prog head fuck. This is a headphone with the lights closed experience, almost like a soundtrack to some tragic event yet beautiful journey. It has 10 songs but these are not songs, more like 10 emotions that range from loss to just a strange journey of sounds. This has French horns, cellos and a few times a voice Dawn McCarthy, and the weirdest sound field of keyboards and electro acoustics that I have experienced in a long time. These sounds on a lot of the tracks sound like if Yes did 90215 without vocals and a more downplayed sound, or maybe very early Pink Floyd if they were inspired by Jethro Tull. The songs have titles like Tracks, and Rain so I am assuming the meaning is to put you in the mind-set of these feelings put to music. This is a one of a kind cd for sure, almost like the transformation we have seen Devin Townsend go thru with his sound. This is night and day to what you would expect from Jim Coleman, and I loved it for that aspect.

This cd works as the most obscure yet beautiful music you will hear this year. The vocals on this cd are scattered as almost sound bites, more than singing. The mood of this cd just shifts song to song, almost like a soundtrack that you have yet to experience. That each song plays to you in a strange way like you were meant to be listening to it at that time, if that makes any sense at all. I absolutely am not a fan of straight up instrumental cds, but this one is the exception. I absolutely think this is the oddest cd I have ever listened to non-stoned and felt like I was stoned. This is a must buy and even more so a cd I cannot recommend enough for fans of music with depth and a break from the norm. Yes would be proud. This is by far one of the most creative and innovative cds I have heard since the music of the 70’s. This is a must listen for any music fan that craves something different.

10 out of 10