Music Review-Haroula Rose-So Easy

History-This 5 song EP is the follow up to her much acclaimed These Open Roads cd.

Review-Haroula Rose’s latest is 5 songs and clocks in at a little under 18 minutes. To describe this music is like a female folksier version of Drive by Truckers meets Aimee Mann. The lyrics are pretty simple and most songs are over almost a country folk guitar, very slow and yet very catchy. They slow drip into some ok melodies and evokes images of simpler days and maybe driving in the country and heartlands of America. So Easy, is a mix of pop-and some kind of alt folk country and very passionate. This song sounds like some kind of break up song and maybe trying to find a new love cd, and maybe trying to understand and find a meaning in all the pain she is going thru but yet still be positive. Wichita Lineman introduces her sound to another dimension, it brings out a piano and just has the simplest lyrics but the song stuck with me long after the cd was over. The cd starts off with Only Friends and goes into So Easy, and they are both sort of passable as well. Only Friends is a little simple pop song that would feel in place on country music stations and explores a relationship that we go thru, when people want to be only friends. And So Easy, sounds like Sara Bareilles Love Song little cousin. Very catchy and poppy, that would make pop radio gold.

All in all, this cd is safe and tailor made for radio, and it works in that aspect. This cd seems to alienate the guy experience, because it seems like she is talking directly to young women who have been going thru similar experiences that she has. While I sort of respected the music for what it offered and the songs were ok with me, it is not a masterpiece and seemed way too short. I would have liked a longer experience for my first taste of Rose. I still sort of liked what she offers, but I felt like I am not the audience she is trying to get.

7 out of 10