Movie(s) Review-A Bill Zebub double shot- Dirtbags and Surreal Sicko

Plot-Are you familiar with who Bill Zebub is? If not, read further into this plot and find out. If you are a fan, you know what to expect just skip to the review. Zebub let it be noted has issues, a lot of fucking issues. Dirtbags tells a few stories: from some medical student who uses his skills to make date-rape drugs to the nice guy(sarcasm) who videotapes girls without their knowledge and sells the tapes to the internet. Plus you get some footage from Peter Steele of Type O Negative from 2001-02.

Review-The bonus features alone makes this a must buy. You get a very long interview and fun one with Peter Steele sitting on a chair with a girl on his lap, and being his normal dry humor self. And to put this into normalcy of having Bill Zebub and Peter Steele doing something together is almost like the oddest pairing and yet in this film felt really like it was meant to be. In the last 2 years, I have seen Bill Zebub give fans puppet sex, anti-religion humor, rape,any woman who wants to just go naked and some of the oddest situations I have ever witnessed. Each time I get one of his films, I feel like an obese kid at a bakery. I said after Dolla Morte that I could not picture anyone doing this style more than once and getting away with it. I have now witnessed Zebub doing this style 5 times and each time, I worry that it may be starting to wear thin and he throws a screwdriver into the mix and it carries the film. This time, Bill creates a film that everyone is scum on the inside and will do mean and cruel things to each other and not give a shit. One thing you cannot fault the man for is his honesty, this film really feels like an honest look into people who appear one way on the surface and show their true colors in their actions. Now keep in mind what I said earlier, he paints a picture that everyone is mean spirited and the humor in this film will offend a lot of people. He makes jokes of stuff such as Aids, homosexuality, drugs, and masturbation among many other things. And it is not funny ha ha at times, it is Todd Solondz cruel ha ha funny, or that you feel guilty for laughing. But, that is the charm of a Bill Zebub film that he has the balls to attempt this sort of style and can give two shits if anyone cares, and for that alone he deserves so much respect.

People are starting to call him the new John Waters; well I won’t go on the bandwagon just yet. Maybe a humorous Harmony Korine. I had fun with this film and laughed a lot, and of course with Zebub you get the metal music and the hot women, and that does not hurt the experience of this film. All in all, not as good as Jesus, the total douchebag but this was not that bad either. And the Peter Steele stuff was such a good memory of Peter. And I am a die-hard fan of Suzi Lorraine, and she really shines in this film as well. If you have not seen a Bill Zebub, you may want to start with Jesus, the Total Douchebag that is Bill at his very best and offensively worst, and you will know if his humor and this film is for you.

7.5 out of 10

Surreal Sicko

Plot-How is this for a plot, a landlord takes advantage of a tenant who is haunted by visions and suffers from mental illness and goes on a rape spree and makes him his scapegoat. Plan to watch this rampage thru the eyes of the landlord. And warning kids, this film contains nudity and some very extreme scenes of rape. Trust me the back cover of this dvd alone, sells this film to its potential crowd. The movie has warnings for us, one it is not porn but contains nudity and two that you should get the minors out the room. And 2 that warn you about going further with this film. So if a film warns you 4 times, you know you are expecting some disturbing shit..and trust me, you get it.

Review-For all of you who thought those comedies have made Bill soft, wait till you see this film. Starring porn star Sativa Verte, the nudity and material is amped up. This makes Jesus, the total douchebag seem like a PG 13 family film. This is another one of those films that can raise the argument do the Indies need a rating board like the MPAA. This film is mostly voice overs and music. The characters are mostly in masks, and women are nude to barely clothed tied to crosses or gagged. This film breaks a lot of borders and crosses every line imaginable, and if you are offended by rape or just human cruelty, you may not want to see this one. I am not one for censorship or telling anyone how far they can push their art into these directions, but some of this film made me feel guilty for watching it. You get full on penetration, and every sort of rape that is imaginable. And Suzi Lorraine, Kerri Taylor and the other women in this film really try to make it believable almost too believable. I am so glad this film did not blur the lines or try to make jokes. This film is the most abstract art film I have seen in ages and I loved it. This is what Slaughtered Vomit Dolls tried to be, instead of using vomit, Zebub used rape. This film takes even Zebub to a new level, this is just human depravity with no heart or soul, just the using of a body to manipulate the audience to feel ashamed to watch a woman being crucified on a cross to a voice over or song, and still find it wildly arousing on top of that. Suzi Lorraine, Sativa Verte and Kerri Taylor are on the box art credits and they are truly the selling points but to watch this film unfold is almost like a daydream of what you think would happen to a stripper or porn star if she went to hell when she died. This film just seemed like a black mass more than a film, and it is disturbing how far Bill pushes the material and knows no boundaries. Thank god.

All in all, this is no film for anyone who is mentally disturbed or under 18, the subject matter of this film is just so disturbing that I am starting to think this film may not be for anyone, unless you are truly a disturbed mind. I am a fan of the man’s work and this is quite frankly up there with Jesus, the total douchebag in terms of offensive and the most disturbing abstract artistic statement. All in all, thank god Zebub did not try to cheapen this film with humor or shying away from the topic of rape. He tackles that full on as well as the perception of schizophrenia, and why Indie films have so much freedom. If this film was presented to a MPAA, they would issue warrants for arrests.

9 out of 10