Movie Review-The Faculty

Plot-Directed by some little indie director, who never really got off the blocks into mainstream film and success-Robert Rodriguez. Faculty is the 1998 semi-classic about students that suspect their teachers are aliens. When one of your teachers is Jon Stewart and your coach is Robert Patrick, you may be closer than you think to that assumption. Screenplay written by Kevin Williamson, and starring Salma Hayek as a Nurse, Clea Duvall who went to Mars with Ice Cube and never came back, Josh Hartnett and Jordana Brewster and that dude from Lord of the Rings the Wood kid.

Review-First off the sales pitch-Echo Bridge are a company for the fans, they are putting out all these Dimension films on blu ray and dvd and charging very little for them. You can go to any store like Wal Mart, Best Buy or shop on Amazon, and they have tons of these Echo Bridge dvds and blu rays whether singles, or multi packs and they are less than the price of one movie ticket. What they lack in this or that, they make up for with looking out for the consumer in tight times. What do you expect for the price tag seriously, the original dimension blu ray and dvd that was 16.99 to 29.99? I had the original Dimension release of this on dvd and paid 16.99 for it, and now I got the blu ray this week, and the picture quality on the blu ray is 100 times better and it is not all due to technology, it is because those original dimension releases, yes they were pricey but they were the victim of people who could care less about quality and what fit what screen, they wanted to just throw them on the market so fast to get your dollars. So, if you have the dvd of the original Dimension release, I say if you like the film, get this blu ray. What do you really have to lose; you would pay that price for 2 gallons of gas, so why not invest it in this film. Now that we eliminated the question, about should you double dip, let us talk about this film.

1998 if you think about it was such a slump year for horror. Sure you had a few scattered here and there that were cool. But, you had the Psycho remake; I still know what you did last summer, Vampire, and Deep Rising among others that were at the multiplex. So a film like The Faculty felt like a fresh breath of stale air. While it was a good film, the set-up of this film we seen many times from films like Invasion of the Body Snatchers for the sci fi element to anything by John Hughes for the teen humor. The only thing that sets it apart from all the other films that attempted this before and after, is the actors themselves and the script. Kevin Williamson was still at the top of his game with this film with the dry humor and just the depth of the characters. These characters from the loner Zeke to Stan the jock were not the stereotypical dialogue; they were given a great script to make them look more than one dimensional. And this film has such a clever twist about the queen alien, that it had to the balls to go that route and in true Scooby Doo mode show us how we got to that conclusion, genius. Of course, there has to be the new girl in school who falls in love with the loner.

The aliens take over the school by putting a slug into your ear, which seems to replace the person with an alien consciousness – one that spreads the parasites as much as it can. Now the students must find a way to stop this alien take-over.

Again, the thing that sets this film apart is the writing and script. Robert’s directing style seems to fit this film, but he resorted to the old school book of what others who made films like have done, and nothing really made the experience groundbreaking, but it was still a fun time. If you are into invader films, this is one of the better ones and you should at least see it one time, but I know 99.9 percent of the people who go to sites like ours have seen this film, and cared more about seeing if this was worth the double dip. And for that I would say if you are a fan of this film, and do not own a blu ray of it, it is well worth the double dip.

8 out of 10