Movie Review-The Commune

Plot-this is a Greek tragedy mixed with a 70′s sexual thriller. This movie centers on the summer of Jenny’s 16th birthday. Her mom wants her to spend some time with her deadbeat father in his commune. Jenny does not want to go or be part of her dad’s life. Once she gets to the commune she starts to see things that disturb her, and does not know who is who.

Review-Elisabeth Fies is in the movie, and even does a nude scene. I am not sure if this is a first, the director being the only person to go nude but I had to mention this because for a film like this it is a brave move. The beginning of the movie has a disturbing scene, which I will not talk about but tell you guys it sells the film and what it will offer you. The movie does a great job of explaining how we get to certain parts of this film, in almost a way that would make Hitchcock smile. This movie is a very slow build, but the script is pretty good and keeps you the viewer involved and your attention, and the characters are not boring or one sided, that you question each one, and not sure who to follow or believe in. This film created paranoia about it that you feel like you are watching a very head scratching episode of the Twilight Zone. The movie has a few scenes that really are creepily awesome and very well done for a small budget indie, and for that the acting deserves so much respect. This is what M Night should have put out instead of the shitty Village, and it is sad to watch this film and know that if they had a much bigger budget what could have come out of it. Films like this make me question what Hollywood is putting their money into these days, and what they are ignoring. This movie is impressive if you think about the budget, and also you can see Elisabeth’s heart and passion all over this film. This is not a typical horror movie as it is a thriller that would be good to show someone who wants mood over blood and a movie to make them think scene to scene and catches you on surprise as well. I also want to point out the bonus features that there was a lot of work put into them. And Elisabeth really shines throughout. I am impressed with Fies talent and thinks she has a bright future. Hollywood give this woman a budget and let’s see what she can give us next. Plus any director who will do her own nude scenes and really go outside the box with her performance deserves a break.

The typical horror fan may or may not like this film; it depends on their attention span. If you can sit thru a film and can invest into a slow build and know that the payoff will be worth it, this is a film for you.

7 out of 10

Also, I want to tell the fans to keep Chauntal Lew is in their prayers.
A few years ago, the lead actress of this film lost her hand and is recovering day by day.